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Crazy Ride

I’m not sure if it is writer’s block, busy schedules, or not slowing down to reflect but it took me three months to write this post. Either way, here it is. The month of February was filled with birthdays. Max turned 9 and I turned 41. My number does not scare me but the number 9 is surreal. This is the last year where we have single digits in this house. Oh how the years have gone by so fast. Max enjoyed a party with friends at a trampoline park followed by a sleepover with more boys than I could count. They played football in the street way past dark and stayed up way past my eyes could stay open. To say how blessed I feel that my boys have so many friends they can hang out with is an understatement. Some of these boys will be friends for years to come as they have bonded on the football field and we have so many football years ahead of us. We celebrated Valentine’s Day in true fashion and completed our taxes. This became a tradition when Roman was born and babysitters were hard to c

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