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One Year Ago

One year ago we were just starting to hear about this sickness called Covid-19. I remember thinking, “it’s just another thing and we will be over it soon.” The kids had their break extended for one week. I remember thinking, “they are just being cautious and we will be back to school in a week.” Well, as we all know, that was not the case. This past year revolved around this sickness. I’m not celebrating this sickness by any means, but I am celebrating that we have survived a year of this ‘new normal’ and all that it threw at us. We welcomed 2021 in with the yelling of JUMANGI…it has not seemed to help. Anyways, ringing in the new year with friends was not a question for us. Food, games, dancing, eating dried crickets…all made for a fun night. Roman made the basketball team for his school so the last 6 weeks have been filled with sitting in bleachers. He enjoyed playing and of course it kept our schedule busy. He ended up jamming his thumb bad during a flag game so a trip to Urgent C

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