Ok, so I am now 30 weeks prego! I can't believe it is almost coming to an end. I am so exicted to meet Roman. I am feeling really good except for the occasional tossing and turning in the night. A pregnant woman can never have enough pillows. Poor Rick, I have taken over the bed. I am feeling Roman move and kick all the time. The little bugger loves to stick his body parts (unknown which ones) out and jab me. He already loves to play. He will respond most of the time if the belly is poked. Him and Mango have bonded. Mango loves to lay her head on my belly and Roman will kick. It is so cute! Let's hope they get along when he comes out.

We hopefully (cross your fingers) close on the house November 21st. We are so excited to get in and settled. I can't wait to set up the nursery.

Rick is liking his new job. He has an office all to himself. Go figure, as soon as he gets a new job, he gets called up for jury duty. He reports in next week. Hopefully he will get off for the sake of all of us.


Anonymous said…
Lookin Good Mama! - Amy
Jamie and Dave said…
Looks like your ready to pop. Jame and I are very happy for the both of you.
Jamie and I both bought snowboards and season passes to Breckenridge, Keystone, and A-Basin. Going this weekend to get our lessons on Saturday at Breckenridge.
Keep updating your blogg.
Later Dave and Jamie
Anonymous said…
Hi Naomi - thanks for the update. You look great! Time sure is flying, glad to hear your new home will be ready soon.

It's a time of wonderment in your lives now, enjoy it because you're emmbarking on a new phase - parenthood. Brace yourselves because it's a wonderful roller coaster!! Love Ya Both - "Aunt Patti"
Anonymous said…

Well you are coming down the home stretch to "baby Roman's" arrival.

It will be so exciitng for both of you when you finalaly get to hold him.

Vern & I are looking forward to spending xmas with both of you in your new home.

There has been so much going on in both of your lives the past 2yrs with Rick being in school, building a new house and having a baby.

Love you both,
Mom/Mary Jo
Jacqs said…
I like to think if I were skinnier I'd look like you ... and I'd even post pictures of myself ... but, yeah, I'm not! I'm 34 weeks now ... I'm not sure that I'm ready for labor! Baby J is building her own little play ground in there, I'm sure of it. She moves all the time. I've had really bad heartburn the past few weeks. Smaller meals and more frequent meals (similar to my first trimester) are a necessity.
Chris G. said…
You look good Naomi. Glad to hear about Rick's job...I need to give him a call as I have not talked to him in a couple weeks. See you soon.


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