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Summer Is In Full Swing!

Summer is in full swing. The boys ended their kindergarten and fourth grade years but not without multiple field trips first. Roman was able to meet one of the Assemblyman for New York State with a visit to the capital. He also went on a ride on the Erie Canal. Max visited some local parks. I was unable to attend any of them as I was finishing up my school year with my third grade class. 
I did take the day off for Max’s Kindergarten graduation. I did not cry but it was a moment of mixed emotions. My baby is growing up and the days may go by slow but the years are passing by fast. Being back in the classroom was nice, especially since I was only there for two months before summer break:) We of course made a summer bucket list with the boys and slowly things are getting checked off. Max finished up his baseball season and had many good hits. Both boys are now playing summer soccer and gearing up for football next month.  We have had a couple visits from Nana, Uncle Matt, and Aunt Lisa. The…

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