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Another year has come and gone. 2018 had it's ups and downs but the great thing about that is it keeps life interesting. Life is truly like a roller coaster. You will only stay up for so long before we take the plunge down the track. It is during these downward plunges where our breath is often held and we sometimes feel scared, anxious, worried, or sick. I honestly believe that the 'highs' can not be fully enjoyed until we have had some 'lows'. My/our lows may not be as low as many others but they are still difficult times. It is for this reason, that I write the blog. I need to reflect on all the 'highs' and remind myself just how blessed and strong we are to get through whatever life throws at us. I am looking forward to this new year and all that comes with it. I don't know what is in store but I trust and believe that I will accomplish and go for whatever it is that I am suppose to do.

December was a fun filled month doing all the 'Christmasy t…

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