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Two months since I last wrote. Could it be that nothing exciting happened? Could it be that too much excitement was happening? Could it be that there were just not words for what I wanted to write? Perhaps a little of it all.
Nothing exciting happened could be the case when you consider that we have maintained a somewhat ‘stay home’ policy, no huge adventures were taken, and no crazy stories to tell but this is just a mindset. I looked up the word excitement. (Excitement is defined as a feeling of enthusiasm, eagerness or exhilaration, or is defined as something that causes such a feeling. ... Christmas morning, which inspires exhilaration, is an example of an excitement.)  After reading this definition I can say that there was excitement the last two months. 
Mother’s day was spent at home with the boys and they each had sweet things to say in their cards. Rick made dinner so that was definitely exciting.
The boys have continued to have plenty of play time with the kids on our street an…

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