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Glass Half Full

April showers bring May flowers.  Literally, we need the rain in order for life to continue and grow. This past month was 30 days filled with what felt like a lot of rain…in more ways than many. Another month being in quarantine. Another month being home. Another month  homeschooling. Another month of getting creative. Another month of time spent with family. I honestly thing that this time of being home has either brought out the best or worst in people. I would like to think that it actually brought out the best in me. Don’t get me wrong. I had my days. But, they were a lot fewer than I would have expected. I have cooked more, spent less money, spent quality time with my boys doing activities we probably wouldn’t have done, taught and learned right along with them in their school work, and house projects were completed. There has been way less fighting than I dare admit between all of us. Maybe it’s just because we fell into a routine and just accepted that this is what it is (for n…

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