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Tomorrow is a New Day!

June is here which means summer is within sight. We are all getting excited for school to end and for another round of summer adventures to begin. I will not lie, this past school year has come with many ups and downs. Many of them were out of our control but though it all, we are learning how to handle 'hard times' and what we can do as people to change our mindset that each new day is a new opportunity. I am learning this at this very minute. It is not easy and definitely not easy trying to teach my boys this as I don't always have the answers. However, I have to remember that fear, anxiety, disappointment, and rejection do not define us. We are often faced with things we don't understand and may never understand. It is these things that mold us into the people we are to be. Our faith is what keeps us going and knowing that there is someone in the fire with us, is enough to help us carry on to the next day.
Roman has been playing flag football and had the opportunity …

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