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We are Alive!

We are alive! I don’t even know where to begin since my last post in June. So much has happened. It seems like a lifetime ago when I wrote yet at the same time, 2020 just began and here we are in October. Let’s go back to July. We obviously celebrated America’s birthday on the 4th. We spent some time with friends and lit some fireworks off in the street. Texas definitely goes all out for fireworks and I think everyone was setting them off.  We celebrated Rick’s birthday. We had a family dinner and spent some time together as a family. Rick did get out golfing with some guys. Golfing is something is getting back into. He has been taking Max some and he loves it. He got his first set of clubs. Over the summer we devoured way too many snow cones at a local place. It is so awesome being close to so many things.  I spent one day with some friends exploring and shopping at Old Town Springs. It was a nice little break and just strolling around with no agenda. It was such a cute little tow

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