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Parties and Snow!

February is a very busy month for birthdays around here. It starts off with the most important one, which is mine:) We had dinner at my parents where my mom always makes me my dinner of choice. Some of the family came by after for desert which is also the birthday person's choice...this year I chose apple crisp-Thanks Mom! Another year older but I yet to feel it. My favorite gift this year was from Roman. He said that he wanted to make me laugh so he set up a Lego challenge. There is a funny video of him included in the photos when you check them out for the month.
We of course watched the Super Bowl and had a bunch of people over for a party. The boys were obviously disappointed with the outcome but they handled it well...there is always next year right? I mean, a team can't be on the top forever.
Max celebrated the 100th day of school. I was able to go in and help out in the classroom. I was in charge of having kids do different exercises for 100 seconds. It was pretty funn…

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