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When You Least Expect It

It has been so true in my life that things always seem to happen when I least expect it. This goes from moving 700 miles away from home right out of college, finding my husband, getting married, having kids, moving back to NY and now getting a job. Right when I was starting to question and doubt that I was never going to find my next step, I was offered a job. I mean I had been praying and praying but was getting so discouraged and was doing my best to keep telling myself that 'what is meant to be, will be.' The Sunday before I got the call about the interview for the job our pastor said these words, "worry about nothing but pray about everything." It hit me so hard and I knew that my prayers were not going without being answered and I just had to trust that his timing was best. Well, to my surprise and when I least expected it...the phone rang for me to come in for an interview.
I accepted a 3rd grade position in the RCS school district. I have loved being back in t…

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