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Summer is Over!

Well, summer is over as far as we know it. We are back in the swing of school but the weather remains warm so we are holding on to everything about summer still.
The month of August was filled with lots of great memories. August 6th marked our 14th anniversary. We went to my parents for dinner and I think we sat together on the couch that night:) These days "dates" come when we are free...which is not very often.

Football for the boys started in August. Roman is playing his second year in tackle and Max is playing flag this year (although he wishes to be with the big boys). We are once again playing for Guilderland Pop Warner. We have already had 2 games. Max won is first one, making 2 touchdowns and running over 140 yards. He is a beast! He is playing running back. His second game they lost by a touchdown but he still met his goal and made a touchdown for his team. Roman's team has lost their first two games but they are getting it together. Roman however, played well!…

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