Another month has come and gone. Our little angel is now 7 months old. He is turning into a little man and we are loving every minute of it. He is now around 20 lbs. and growing strong. He has mastered sitting up on his own and is beginning to crawl backwards. He will crawl backwards and than get frustrated because he can't get back to where he started from. It is pretty funny to watch. He is very active and very inquisitive. He grabs for everything and we are now always watching for what he will do next. He knows what he wants and he does everything in his power to get it. I think I know where he inherited that from:) Check out the video of him discovering his voice. It is hillarious when he screams. He also loves to spin around on his belly.

The summer is coming to an end and I am back to work next week. I have had a great summer with Roman and have experienced how motherhood is so wonderful. We have had many great times at the pool, going on hikes (he loves the outdoors), visits from family members, dining out, swinging, and walking. I am sad to go back to work but I know Roman loves his sitter and will enjoy playing with other children and making friends. I am sure that Mango is looking forward to the house being quiet again. She has been a great pet to Roman and they have become good buds.

Besides all the news about Mr. Roman, Rick and I have had a good summer as well. We have taken up hiking and try to go on one at least once a week. We love the outdoors and taking advantage of the nice weather. I am continuing to train for my half marathon in October. It is going well but very challanging. I am proud of the effort I am making and know it will be worth it in the end. We enjoyed a Rascall Flatts concert. It was extremely crowded but nice to get away. We hope you all had a great summer! Make sure to check out our recent photos.

July Bluehat Studios (Roman's 6 months photos-password 2674154)


Chris G. said…
Great pics and video. We are looking forward to seeing your guys again in a few weeks :0)
Ed Kwiek said…
After watching and listening to the video of Roman, I thought I may have heard the beginnings of a great Wild Turkey callin' expert!

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