Special Edition-7 1/2 Months Old!

ROMAN IS CRAWLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so proud of him. Rick and I experienced it for the first time together. We are so happy he decided to show us his new skill when we were having family time. It kind of looks like he is doing the 'soldier crawl'. This morning we had to start moving things around because he was getting into things he was not suppose to. So much for the days of putting him down and knowing he is going to stay there. It is so awesome watching them grow up and experience the world. We can learn so much through the eyes of a child. Please take a moment to watch Roman in action. We had to do some bribing with the puzzle to get him to show off for the camera. Mango, you better watch out because here he comes:)


WOW! look at Roman go! It's a whole new world now that he can get around! :)
Jodi Kittle said…
aww..hes getting so big!!

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