A Year and a Half!

This has been another very busy month. We started off by taking a trip up to New York to visit family and friends. While we were there, we attended a wedding reception for one of our great friends (Roman's Godfather). It was a nice time although it rained all day and the puddles were knee high. You have to love Upstate weather. Roman's Grandmother (Rick's mom) took a few days off of work and we took Roman to the Zoo, Amusement Park and Science Museum. He enjoyed all of these attractions. We were able to take advantage of having Grandparents around and spend an evening with friends. It was a great time. After spending a few days in Rochester, we drove down the thruway and went to my parents house. Roman had a great time playing with cousins and of course riding Poppy's tractor. Tractor has become one of his favorite words. Roman loved playing with the new kitty's. Grammy's cat Tiger had 4 kittens and Roman was a big help with calling them when it was time for them to eat. Unfortunately at the end of our trip, Roman came down with a virus of some sort. He was sick and not sleeping. The plane ride home was quite stressful and yes I was 'that mom' with 'that kid' on the plane. All in all it was a nice trip but ten days away from home with an 18 month old can get hard.

We had a wonderful fourth of July weekend at the pool, grilling out, and of course a shrimp boil with the neighbors. It was a nice relaxing weekend and the fireworks look great from your television. Maybe we can go see them next year when Roman doesn't ask to go to bed on time. Rick's birthday was on the 6th and Five Guys is always a great place to celebrate. We love you and hope you enjoyed your day.

I was able to spend a girls night out at an outdoor movie. It was fun to get out with the girls.

We just returned from Virginia Beach for the weekend. We spent the weekend with my brother, his wife, and 3 girls. Roman was so much more comfortable with the beach and he even would let you put his feet in the water as long as you were holding him. We went to the aquarium and tried to see the planes at the naval base. Roman is still all about airplanes. It is slowly transitioning into any transportation though. Looking out the windows and looking for cars and trucks will always make him happy. My brother, niece Haley and myself went to a Trace Atkins/Toby Keith concert. It was a nice show and we had great seats. You can see a video clip and photos of the show in our photo albums. It was nice spending some time with family and my niece Kristin has come home with us for the week. This will be her big trip until she is off to college

Roman is talking a lot more and everyday we can understand him a little better. He is learning his animal sounds and he has also discovered how to jump. His feet don't completely come off the ground but he does his best to try. He has quite the personality and loves to make people laugh. His laugh is definitely contagious and will always make you smile.

We look forward to spending the rest of the summer at home enjoying the pool, taking walks, bike riding, and hanging out with friends. I know Mango will be happy to have her family home for awhile. She probably thinks we have been neglecting her. We hope you are all enjoying your summer and making memories of your own. Enjoy the photos from the past month. Click on June and July.


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