Fun In July!

July was a fun filled month. We continued to stay busy with many activities. Roman attended Farm Camp for a week.
The highlights of that week were petting the one legged duck, getting to know Peanut the farm goat, feeding the animals, collecting eggs, arts and crafts, and ending each day with the sprinkler. Everyday that I picked him up he was filthy...we drove home naked because he was too dirty to put on new clothes. He had a blast though and I am thankful I was able to give him this experience. He said, "I like being a farmer but it sure is hard work." Roman and mommy went on a date to Marbles Museum one weekend. He spent most of the time in the submarine and loved pretending to be a scuba diver. Make sure to check out the video in July. We also took a week vacation to New York to visit our family. Nana and Poppy came down here early and took Roman back with them to New York for a couple of days without us. He loved the plane ride and had a blast with Nana and Poppy and all of their adventures which included the Syracuse Zoo, bowling (4 strikes he made), playing with cousins, swimming, and so much more. Rick, Max, Mango, and myself joined Roman in Rochester. As Roman saw us he got tears in his eyes because he did not want to leave. I am so glad he was having such a good time but I must say that it did hurt just a little to see that he didn't want to come home with us. While in Rochester we walked the boardwalk and rode the carousel at Ontario Lake and went to Seabreeze (a local amusement park) where Roman went on his first 'big ride'...the log ride. He loved it but was real nervous when we got to the top and went down the big hill and splashed in the water. We also went bowling a second time and had a family get together. It was so nice to see everyone and introduce Max to Rick's family for the first time. We then headed down the thruway to my parents house in good ole' Berne. Sunday morning we had Max dedicated in my Father's church and it was so awesome to have my family there with us. This was also the first time my dad met Max so it was very special. We had a family get together there also. Roman enjoyed playing with his many cousins, working with his Uncle Jon, being a salesman (see photo, riding tractors, and baking apple pies.
One of his highlights was feeding a chipmunk out of his hand.
Yes-the chipmunk at my moms house is trained to eat out of your hand thanks to my brother. The kids think it is a blast. While there, my wonderful niece babysat which allowed Rick and I to have an adult night out. We went to dinner with my parents and brother and sister-in-law. After dinner we met up with my other neice (I do have 9 of them.) and hung out. It was so nice to be in the company of family and be with those who love and support you regardless. I love and miss my family soooo much and cherish every moment I have with them. Going to New York is always worth the trip. Even though it is a very long car ride...the time spent with family is so important. The boys did great considering the length of time in the car. I had to spend a lot of time in the back with them keeping them entertained but it was well worth it. We have continued to have play dates and all that other fun stuff. Roman has made a new friend...we had new neighbors move in. It is so precious watching new friendships grow with children. Max is 5 months and growing...eating ALL THE TIME! We have started him on solids and he loves it. He gets so excited when he sees the spoon coming towards him. I can't believe how fast he is growing up...he has been such a joy to have in the house.
We have enjoyed watching the Olympics these last few days. Roman is really into them as well. He has lots of questions and has had some pretty funny things to say about the olympics. While watching the guys gymnastics he noticed the arm pit hair of a guy. He yelled out, "Shave that off man." He never fails to make us laugh. This weekend we are off to Charlotte for Rick to drive a reace car in the Nascar Experience. This was his big present this year and he is so excited. I FINALLY got a new camera. It is a Canon and I love it. I wanted to be able to take nicer pictures and share them. This is my new hobby...taking too many pictures. I am cherishing these last couple of weeks as school will be starting soon:( This has been an amazing summer with my boys and I am sad to see it end. July Photos


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