March Madness

March has definitely been a month of madness and I’m not just talking about basketball either.
We have been quite busy. The weather was fair so we made our way outside quite a bit to different parks regardless of the temperature. Blue skies can be deceitful when there is no snow. 

Roman had some fun things going on at school this past month. His favorite I think was his Wax Museum. He was Abraham Lincoln and worked so hard on learning so much about him. It was awesome to go to his school and see all his hard work. Tractor Poppy and Grammy were also able to make it. There was another night when Roman had a dodgeball tournament at school. His team did great and I love watching kids learn about competition and teamwork. 

Max has also been doing great in nursery school. He was sick one week so got some extra snuggle time with mom. He was able to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with Wacky Wednesday. 
Both of the boys went to the dentist this past month and received a clean bill of health. This was Max’s first time going and he did great. He is much more aware of his teeth now which makes brushing easier. 
The boys have each had a chance to go to Rochester with Rick for a weekend to visit Nana. They love the one on one and it gives us both a break. Nana was also able to come visit us one weekend which the boys love. There favorite thing (besides going to target with her) is to have a pajama party. Unfortunately Max is all talk and just can’t handle it and always ends up in bed with us. 
That brings me to another topic-child in bed. We have never really let our children sleep with us. We all sleep better when we are in our own spaces. There was the occasional time when they were sick or scared but for the most part, our bed was OUR bed. Well, since we have moved to New York, that is no longer the case. Max has been coming into our bed every night. He will fall asleep in his own bed, but sometime during the night, he shows up. We tried to fight it for awhile and tried many different things to get him to stop. Nothing has worked. So, I think we have just accepted it and realized that this will only last so long. I have to choose my battles. We do get a few hours alone without him and when he does come in, it doesn’t bother us…so why fight.

My brother and sister in law were in Africa for 2 weeks so I was able to spend a lot of quality time with my nephews ‘watching out for them’. Let me tell you, 16 year olds are way harder to deal with than a 4 and 8 year old on so many levels. I love them to death but it showed me that I am NOT ready for the teenage years and I will try and enjoy the struggles I have now and not rush the struggles to come. We did have a lot of fun though. We went to Lake George one day snow tubbing and while we were there we decided to do some geo caching. I let both the boys practice driving (actually I don’t think I drove all 2 weeks) since they have their permit. I was not a back seat driver but was nervous…is this a sign of getting old;) I am so happy I was able to be here to help-not just with them but all the other little things I have been able to do for my family. 

We celebrated Easter with a small easter egg hunt around the house followed by finding the easter baskets. This year, I did not fill the eggs with candy but the Easter bunny left a note that they would receive 10 cents for each egg they found. The boys loved this and I loved not having as much candy around. We celebrated the Risen Christ by going to church and enjoyed a yummy dinner with family in the evening.
Mango had gotten sick awhile back. Not sure if I wrote about it last month. However, after too many dollars spent and a surgery on her teeth, she is back to her old self. We were very scared for a few days that our time with her was over but I guess she had different ideas. We love her so much and she has made us very happy for 9 1/2 years.
There has been more special memories made this past month. The boys have enjoyed some sleepovers with cousins and we also enjoyed a pancake breakfast at an old maple syrup farm with my parents and my sister and her family. We definitely got out all you can eat for $6 worth. Memories made with family are just one of the many reasons why I am so happy we moved back here. I know this may not be the case for everyone, but I am so blessed to feel this way about my family. I will take all the madness that comes along with family because the good always out weighs the bad.

Not to end on a sad note but the final madness of this whole month is that our Syracuse Orange lost in the final four. They had a good run and we enjoyed the games we did get to watch. Here’s to next year SU!!!!!


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