Happy 2017!

Happy New Year! Another one has come and gone. The days are long but the years are short. We kicked off the new year at my brother's house. Going out is just not an option when you have little ones. We ate, drank, danced, laughed, and welcomed the new year from the comfort of the couch. No better way to see the ball drop up and close:)
Before we get started on the adventures of 2017 let's reflect one more time on 2016. December was a fun filled month for us. We started the month off with an advent calendar. The boys received Lego advent calendars as a gift. Each day they got to open up one and put it together. This was something they looked forward to and an advent calendar that they actually paid attention to. We were only able to open 4 days worth when the boys were given the biggest surprise of their life. We were on our way to Disney.

We had been planning a trip to Disney but changed the date for December so the boys were surprised. We love Disney and try to go every 4-5 years. We thought it would be a nice time to go as the crowds are less and the weather is cooler. This was Max's first time on a plane. He loved it. Roman thought it was cool also as we had our own TV's and the seats were a bit larger. We arrived at Disney Sunday evening and headed out to Downtown Disney after checking in to the hotel. It was so beautiful there as everything was decorated for Christmas. Unfortunately, Roman came down with a bug so him and I had to return to the hotel as Rick and Max kept exploring and shopping. Luckily the next day with some help of medicine, Roman was feeling a little bit better. Thank God it was only a 24 hour thing. We went to a different park everyday. The kids had a blast riding all the rides, meeting characters, and  taking in all the excitement that Disney has to offer. Although it was a bit early, Disney was very kind and treated the boys to some special things as were were celebrating their birthdays there. The best part of the trip for the boys was seeing all the Star Wars characters at Hollywood Studios. We were also able to get in a little swimming as the weather was a lot warmer there than here. It was a great trip with many memories made but we were more than ready to come home at the end of the week. Disney is so much fun but it is one of those trips where you need a vacation after your vacation.
One funny thing (well, funny to  me because I was not involved) was our Christmas tree died while were in Florida. Thank God that my mom and sister came to the rescue. They removed the dead tree and decorated a new one for us. Just one more reason why living near family is a bonus:) My dad also did some renovations to our bathroom while away. Needless to say, there was also a lot of action going on at home while we were away.

The week before Christmas break the boys each had a holiday celebration at school. Rick was able to attend with Max and I helped out with Roman's class. Roman and I also joined some of our other family members at the movies. We saw It's a Wonderful Life at the Palace Theatre in Albany. The theatre is such a pretty place and that movie never gets old. My dad than took us out for ice cream after wards. Making memories with those you love is a priority we take very serious in this house.
Christmas Eve was a special day as the boys received a phone call that they were allowed to hold their elves for the day. They had to sprinkle them with sugar to bring back their magic. To see their faces light up just made the whole thing even more magical.  That night, we went to my Dad's church for a candlelight service. It is such a nice time and something I remember doing growing up. After church, we had some family over for a little party. Santa came a little late as bedtime was pushed back but he managed to deliver the presents on time and spoiled us all. Christmas morning is always so magical and this year was no exception. The boys love to see the cookie crumbs that are left, the stockings filled, and counting the presents. Rick was also super sneaky this year and surprised me with some things I have been wanting. One thing I always look forward to on Christmas morning is watching the boys open presents while I sip on a mimosa and eat cinnamon buns. Well, that all happened except the cinnamon buns:( They burnt in the oven. I was so caught up with the boys that we forgot they were in there. Oh well, there is always next year!
We hung out with family the rest of the day and Rick's mom, sister, and brother joined us at our house. We exchanged gifts, watched some Christmas movies, and ate dinner where Rick was once again on turkey frying duty.
The boys have enjoyed their week off from school. We have had some play dates, dinner with friends, and some late nights with family. They will not admit it, but I know they are ready to get back to school. I know I am ready for them to go back:)
2016 was a great year for us with memories made, relationships strengthened, goals obtained, and bumps in the road to make us stronger. We are looking forward to 2017. It will be another year of change for us as I will be looking to go back to work, Max will be starting Kindergarten, and a hunt for a house will be in the works. A lot is coming but I will focus on one day at a time.
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