March Madness

March Madness has never been more meaningful than it is right now. We all know what is going on in the world and 'madness' is just one word we can use to explain it. Before I go into my thought process about the situation we are all in, I want to reflect once again on all the great things we have been up to this past month. Now more than ever, I want to say how thankful I am that we have opportunities to do these things and can't take them for granted.
The boys finished up their flag football league with the Y. They both did an amazing job and I could not be more proud of how both of them grew as players. We are signed up for another session but most likely that will be canceled so tackle is next (crossing our fingers).

We had a week off in February and during that week just played with friends and enjoyed a day at the museum. It seems since we have moved here that school is sparse...I mean, they have had so much time off and here we are again. Thank goodness I am a teacher and keep them up with learning.
Yard work at the new house is so much easier than the last house. It takes about 1 hour to do it all here. Owning a home is no easy task though. There is always something going on. We needed to replace our hot water tank and our currently taking care of something going on with our air conditioning. God knows the AC is crucial here in TX. Even though it is only March, the AC has already been on for over a week now.

I celebrated my 40th birthday. Rick and I had a day date throwing axes and enjoying lunch.
Roman was able to attend his first middle school dance. He went with a group of boys that he has become friends with. It was a small gathering but it was a nice outing for him to hang out.
Valentines Day was basically a typical day in the house. I made the boys a special dinner that night and we had to say what we loved about each other.
Rick took Max and a friend to the bike park. I know this will definitely be in our future to go more once we can venture away from home.
We had many get togethers with friends for playing games, celebrating birthdays, and just to laugh. Man, I am really going to miss this over the next couple of months.

Max turned 8 and we celebrated with friends. His party was the same night that the big boxing fight was on. We rented the fight and stayed up late with friends to watch. Max had a sleepover with friends. I'm so blessed that we have friends to celebrate with her being away from family.

Max had a small musical for his grade at school one night. We did see him moving his mouth to sing but the hands stayed in his pocket the whole time. It is so funny to be how outgoing he is but hates being center of attention.
I have approved to start substituting right in time for no school to happen. So, I guess we will see where this leads. I have to believe there is a plan and I will know what it is when it is time.

Last week we had our spring break. The boys and myself flew to Florida to stay with their Nana and Ted. We enjoyed the warm weather, swimming, beach, eating out, mini golf, going to the movies, catching geckos, walking neighbor dogs, riding bikes, bowling (Max had 5 spares in one game with no bumpers), talking with parrots, and going on an air boat where we saw a ton of alligators. The boys absolutely loved it. Flying back on Friday was an experience I have yet to encounter in all my years and times of flying and traveling. The airport was packed, masked people everywhere, a tension in the air that was unexplainable. So glad to be home to start a new normal.
This pandemic that we are facing is something I have not experienced in my lifetime. With that being said, I am vigilant, but not scared. I am cautious, but not panicking. Our lives as we know it, has come to a halt for the time being. I don't even begin to pretend I understand what really is going on...the economy, the government, the schools closing, and all the implications that  will occur because of this. The only thing I can say right now is that I will listen to what they are telling us to do. We are self distancing ourselves. This means for our family that we are limiting all activities that are not essential. The grocery store and pharmacy are the only places I will go to get what we need. Rick and the boys will not be leaving our street. The boys are limited to only playing outside and we are not entering any other house or allowing anyone in our house. LISTEN...this is the hardest thing for me to do. I love people, I love being around people, I want to have a party, I want to hang out with friends and go out to eat, I want to go get my nails done, I want to substitute in a classroom, I want my kids to have playdates, I want my kids to continue their studies in a classroom with a teacher who knows exactly what they need...however, for the time being, that is not our reality right now. We are all facing uncharted waters. With all that being said, I truly believe we will get through this-our family, friends, economy, schools, and society in general. How we treat this little bit of time is so essential to the outcome for the future. We need to remain at peace, stay calm, love on our family, play all the games, use the donut machine you got for Christmas, face time those you haven't talked to in awhile, and read that book that has been sitting on the shelf collecting dust. We may be asking, Why is this happening? When will it be over? The answer is...we don't know. No-one knows. So, let's focus on what we can do right now. For me that looks like; praying extra hard, diffusing my oils, praying, playing the music that calms me, praying, baking my kids favorite foods, praying, keeping a clean house, praying, getting as much sun and fresh air as I can, praying, and rationing our toilet paper🙂
May the next few weeks bring togetherness of families, gratitude for what we have, learning new material as we navigate homeschooling our kids, and a closer walk in our faith🖤
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