Football Trumps Covid!

Covid may have changed some things but it has not dictated our life...or should I say, we did not let it. These past couple of months have been jammed full with enjoyment. Of course, the ups came with downs but that is part of the excitement of life.

October Occurrences:
Halloween came with it's scares, tricks, and treats. The boys and I went downtown to observe a bat colony one night at sunset. There were millions of them. It was a fun time as I guess this is an attraction for the area. We attended our best friends annual Halloween party the weekend before Halloween. Right before Halloween, Rick was not feeling the best and since we had family scheduled to come into town, he decided to get tested for Covid. Turns out that he was positive. Go figure, the one who works from home and doesn't go many places. So, after a frantic phone call to me (I was the one frantic) at school, I left, picked up the boys and made ourselves an appointment to get tested as well. That night we quarantined from Rick. He had the upstairs and we had the downstairs. We completely wiped down the house and washed all bedding. All I could think of was how was the next two weeks going to go with school, work, sports, etc...The following morning we had sticks shoved up our noses and anxiously waited 30 minutes for the results. None of us had any symptoms so we were pretty confident that we were good. The results showed that Max and myself were negative but Roman was positive. This was a blow to us all. He would have to have virtual school and could not participate in football for two weeks. It was hard for him to grasp as he had no symptoms but couldn't do anything. Because we were close contacts, Max and I stayed home from school. I had two weeks of virtual teaching. A transition that was hard but again, a situation I conquered. Rick had a fever for about 3 days and for the next week and a half was very tired with no energy. Thank God the rest of us stayed healthy and he did not get it too bad. Needless to stay, Roman was not able to go trick or treating and the family visit was postponed. Max and I walked the neighborhood and enjoyed getting treats. It was actually really cool as people just spread candy all around their driveways and some made candy shoots. 

November News:
The month of the election. We won't talk about that but let's just say, that of course in the year 2020 an election went the way it did. All I know is that it is such a blessing to live in a country where we can all have our voices heard. This election was the first one where Roman was very interested and wanted to learn more about the decisions we make and why we make them. He made his decision on his own free will and was not ashamed. Unfortunately he learned quickly that some people don't like when others have different opinions and he was actually physically hurt because of the decision he made. He made me proud though as he proudly wore the same mask showing his support the following day despite what happened. 
Roman #6 finished up his football year. During his time playing he did get an interception which was so cool to watch. The very last game they let him QB the last quarter and it was a blast watching him do what he is so passionate about. Hearing your child's name being announced in a football stadium (in Texas) is a special thing. Because of restrictions, there were no playoffs and they ended their year with a 5-3 record. Thanksgiving was a time to get away. We loaded up the car with the dogs and headed over/down to Florida. We took two days to get there and besides Chewy getting free at a pit stop, it was a pretty uneventful drive. Thank God for a honey bun that swayed him to come back. While there, we enjoyed another alligator air boat tour, shopping at Disney Springs, miniature golfing, and of course eating a Thanksgiving feast with Rick's family.

Football Fun: (Yes, this topic gets its own paragraph because football trumps Covid:)
Football is the biggest part of our life outside of work and school. My family has fallen in love with this game and we are all very passionate about the sport. We are either playing it or watching it. The boys have succeeded at the sport and so we will allow them to follow their passion and do what we can do push them along to become the best that they can be. Roman played for his school which was a much different experience than playing for a league. He went to practice before class each morning and all I did was show up to a game once a week. No communication, no involvement, and no football family to be made. Max did play for a league and we could not of been more happier with our experience for our first year here. Our team, coaches, and families were amazing and we have already made great friends. I was team mom so I was able to get to know a lot of people and it was my saving grace through all this pandemic mess. Sitting on the sidelines multiple days a week with other families with the same passion is something you can not take for granted. It is truly my favorite time of the year. Max started the season strong. They saw his potential right away. Two weeks in, and he got hurt. He hurt his shoulder and knee. This was a shock to him as he really never thought that he could get hurt. It set him back mentally. He was now scared. Max scared...that is not typical. With a lot of support from us and amazing coaches who pushed him, he was back at it and giving it his all. He ended the season a stronger, faster, better football player than I could have imagined. He caught the ball when it was thrown to him, made tackles, ran for touchdowns, and mentally became more mature when things did not go his way. They made it all the way to the Super Bowl. The day of the Super Bowl was a rainy and nasty day. The fields were a muddy mess and everything out there was drenched. The boys gave it their all but came up short. It was not the ending that we all hoped for but the friendships made and memories to last a lifetime was worth all of it. We are not done...flag starts in less than a month. In the meantime, they are training with an amazing coach on the side and will keep pushing to be the best they can be. 

December Decisions:
Besides keeping up with his lawn mowing business, Roman can't sit still long so he has now moved on the playing basketball for school. He had his first game and put some points on the board. He also joined a private basketball league and he will also play flag as well. This month also brought on the decision to purchase a new car. After 13 years, Rick decided to part with his Versa:) It was time, believe me. That thing was like driving around in a toy matchbox car. Instead of choosing a car, he decided to take over the Rouge and let me choose a new car. Together we decided to get an Infinity QX 60. It was such a sweet gesture from him and he said he was a little sad to see the Versa go. Christmas was in full swing and since we were all healthy, family was able to join us for the holidays. We had a surprise visit from Santa who came right to our house. The look on Max's face was priceless. 2020 could not take away my Santa picture. He was very good to us this year and the crab legs and steak family dinner was a great ending. We were also able to witness the Star of Bethlehem which was a big discussion in the house with the boys. The best thing about Christmas for me was the Christmas Eve church service we attended. This was the first service we have attended since February. It was such a breath of fresh air and church attendance will be better in 2021.
So, ending the year of 2020 is something I am sure we are all excited about. It was definitely a history making year. One our kids will read about in the future.

Ending 2020 Thoughts:
Expect the unexpected. Toilet paper hoarding does not stop a pandemic. Carol Baskin killed her husband. Humor is essential. My greatest strength is also my greatest weakness. I am stronger than I think. It is ok to not be ok sometimes. There is always a way out. You can always turn a negative into a positive.  Faith is greater than fear. Find your tribe and love them hard. Sometimes you have to let go and walk away, even if it hurts. Those who don't cry with you, don't deserve to laugh with you. If it is broken, fix it. If it is not broken, don't fix it. Think for yourself. Do your own research. Be kind. Work hard. Don't give up. Don't be naive. That last thought is very important. We still have 3 days left in 2020...I am waiting for the pterodactyls and aliens to appear...LOL!!!
Cheers to making it through 2020 and to a new and better 2021!


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