October Update!

I am just beginning the third trimester. I can't believe how fast the time is going. I am so excited to meet Roman and to become a mom. So far I am up 14 pounds (not too bad if I say so myself), and feeling great. I have developed some heartburn on occasion but thanks to Rick, he is keeping me stocked with Tums. He is already a great dad. He makes sure I am feeling well and taking good care of myself and Roman. Only 3 more months and we should be settling into our "new normal" life. Please check back as we will keep you posted on the progress of the house. We have locked into an interest rate and the closing date is in sight.

We just got back from a weekend at Myrtle Beach. It was nice and relaxing to get away and enjoy each others company. We had great weather and ate some really good food. Make sure to check out our photo albums for pictures from our weekend.

We did go to the doctor today to have a 3D-4D ultrasound taken. Eveything looked good with Roman. His heartbeat was in the 140's and he is 2.6 pounds. He was either playing shy throughout his photo shoot or he is going to be a boxer. He is soooooo cute. I think he looks like my sister. Check out his pictures on our photo albums. Mango is already jealous. She did not like that we kept looking at his pictures when we got home.


Anonymous said…
Rick and Naomi, Looking at the ultrasound picture brings back many memories of our first born son, Ryan. It is a miracle the whole process of being pregnant and how the fetus knows to grow and become a person. Your son will soon be held in your arms, just like we held Ryan and provided a strong foundation to his life. It is such an undescribable experience to become a parent. One day, Roman will be getting married and starting the whole life cycle over again and become parents just like the both of you. I share this with you since Ryan will be getting married on November 3. Please enjoy every moment - the highs and the lows - it is what life is all about - raising a child and being blessed with a sole mate.
All the best to you and Rick and Roman,
Anonymous said…
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