December Update!

Finally.....things have calmed down. We moved into the new house. It is great. We love it. I had a lot of fun decorating. We finally feel settled. Rick finished school last Wednesday and he graduates on Friday. CONGRATS!!!!!! I am looking forward to having my hubby back. I am now 35 weeks prego and feeling it. LOL! I have enjoyed the pregnancy but am looking forward to it ending and meeting Roman. I feel real good and go to the doctor again on the 20th. I will find out if he his head down and getting ready to come out. Let's keep our fingers crossed. I will keep you posted on the progress. I am sure he has to be head down because he is constantly kicking me in the ribs. OUCH!

Please make sure to check out our photo albums on Winkflash. I have made an album with pictures of the house and also recent pictures of Rick and I.


Anonymous said…
WOW....Baby Roman is certainly growing!! You look great!
Vern & I are looking forward to spending Christams with both of you in your new home.

Anonymous said…
You two look absolutely FABULOUS!!! And baby Roman certainly has gotten!

CONGRATULATIONS RICK on your MBA. What an awesome achievement!!! Remember when you hated school?

Is Mango excited about a baby brother? :)

Enjoy your new home & visits from the soon-so-be grandparents. I'll tell you that Mary Jo is waayyy over the top excited. Maybe baby Roman will be born at the end of December while his grandma is visiting...wouldn't that be cool!

Merry Christmas,
love, 'aunt' Lee Ann
Alyson said…
Wow! Things are finalyl settling down for you... graduation, home, and now just ready to focus on baby!! Yay!! I'm so happy for you guys! Hugs from the Moyers Family!! :)
Anonymous said…
Congratz on graduating Rick!! Looks like you are enjoying your new home.
Merry Christmas
Congratulations on all of your big events! Good luck in labor. Just remember, it is true what they do eventually forget the pain and want to have another one. :o)
Jenn from RWC
Anonymous said…
We love your site & the wonderful pictures of your family. We'll keep checking back for updates.

Bill & David

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