One Month Old!

Roman is now one month old. We can't believe it. He is much more alert and growing fast. He does keep us on our toes but we love it. He loves to adventure out of the house and take walks. He is getting used to Mango and I think he is starting to love her as much as we do.
Daddy is now able to help with the feedings as Roman loves taking a bottle. It has been a help for Mommy and it is a nice time for the boys to bond. Roman is a little ham and loves having his picture taken. We took him for his first photo shoot. We will share the photos when we receive them. HE IS SOOOO ADORABLE!!!
I think I can finally say that we are used to our new 'normal'. We have adjusted to the change and are settling into a schedule. I know there are many changes in the future and we welcome them with open arms. We would not change our lives for anything and we love being a family. OK, there are definetely some hard times with raising a baby but we honestly are enjoying it and are glad we can share out adventures with you. Please check out the photos and videos.
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Anonymous said…
My how fast they grow....He is so adorable. I am glad things are settling down for you all. -Melissa

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