3 Months Old!

Roman is now 3 months old. He is becoming quite the little man.

We enjoyed having family down for Easter. The Easter bunny spoiled Roman with many baskets. Holidays are much more fun with a child.

Roman enjoyed his first plane ride up to New York this past weekend. We spent time with friends and family and he got to meet all his cousins. He also had a nice visit with his 95 year old Great Grandfather. He was very spoiled all weekend. We had Roman dedicated in my Father's church. It was a beautiful dedication and we had a great trip.

Roman is so alert and loves to smile. He is very social and is just starting to reach for things. It is so amazing to watch him discover and learn new things. We are adjusting to a new schedule as mommy has returned back to work. Aunt Michele was a great help the first week back. Roman will start at the sitter's on Monday. I know they will love him there.

Please check out our photos from Easter and our trip to New York.


The Toneys said…
I love the bunny-ear outfit and the pictures of him taking a bath in the sink. He is so cute!!!! Thanks for sharing!
Chris G. said…
Great pics. Sorry I could not make it up for the dedication. Roman will be getting his gift when I get home next weekend. Did not get the chance to mail it ahead of time :-(

Talk to you soon.

Cute pix! Mister Roman is so adorable in his matching golf pants & hat! I love that outfit! He looks so alert and happy. So glad he is a happy baby!

Your blog has inspired me to start one! Thanks!

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