Four Months Old!

Happy Spring! Roman is growing so fast. We are amazed by him everyday. He is sleeping through the night and wakes up with a great big smile every morning. He is a very happy baby and loves people. He is very social, like his dad and wants to be everyone's friend. He is currently rolling over many times a day. He has also starting teething. I have never seen so much drool come out of such a little person before. We look forward to his four month checkup. I am sure he is above average as far as height and weight go. He is a growing boy and already showing signs of being an athlete.

This past month we enjoyed taking Roman to his first festival. He was a good trooper and even slept under the trees. My sister Sue and her family visited us for a long weekend. Roman had a great time with his 3 cousins-Owen 5, Evyn 3, and Eliyah 7 weeks. We went to the beach and the kids loved it. It was there first time ever seeing the ocean. We already miss them and can't wait for the next time family comes.

I(Naomi) have started training for a half marathon. It feels real good to get out there and run and do something for myself. Hopefully this will be good training for when I have to start chasing Roman around the house.

We are looking forward to the summer and the many great adventures we will have.

Please check out our recent photos.


The Toneys said…
Wow! I see a lot of both of you in him. I love that smile. I'm glad things are going so well with Roman. What a blessing! :)
Anonymous said…
He is growing so fast....I am starting to see a little bit of Rick in him now. Good luck with the marathon training Naomi, it will all be well worth it when you cross that finish line! Glad everyone is doing well.
familyofmgms said…
Hey Naomi! I love reading your blog and seeing the great pics of Roman and your family! Which half-marathon are you running? I'm planning on doing the VA Beach half marathon Labor Day Weekend. :) Great to see you, check out my blog for pics of our baby girl. -Mary Pipan McIntyre

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