Yes, I know you can't believe it but Roman will be 8 months old. This past month has been amazing. I wish he came with a pause and rewind button. He has had many milestones in the past month and we are so proud of our little man. He is officially crawling (everywhere) and he also got two teeth that came through-OUCH!

As far as the crawling goes-he is very fast and we now have a constant watch on him. He discovered the dog bowl before I even knew what he was doing. I let him play in it so I could get the camera and capture the moment. It was so funny-Mango was a good sport and was just licking up the water off the floor. We baby proofed the house but I am sure Roman will still find some kind of trouble to get into:)

Roman no longer has to ask for his two front teeth for Christmas. The two bottom teeth came in this past week. He grabbed my finger one night and OUCH! that is how I discovered them. Rick and I were so excited-we were like two little kids ourselves and we both called our moms. Who would of thought two teeth would make mommy and daddy so excited.

I am back to work full time and Roman is having a great time at the sitters. He is quite the social bug and makes everyone smile. I miss him so much during the day but being away from him makes our time that much more special when we are together.

We enjoyed having some family in town this month and Roman attended his first Catholic Mass and was great throughout the whole service. I am not sure if the pew behind us got much out of it as Roman was quite entertaining and kept making them laugh. It makes me smile to see that my son brings smiles to others. He is such a BLESSING!!!

We are really enjoying our new neighborhood and meeting new friends. We had our first neighborhood block party. Life has been good to us and we are very thankful for where we are. We are sad to see summer go but we are looking forward to cooler weather. We are pleased to say Roman made it through his first Hurricane (Thank You Hanna for being so kind) and we hope for a beautiful fall.

Please check out Roman's Movie and August Pictures

Happy September!


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