14 Months-Hikes and Bikes!

Spring is here... well, it was. Roman is constantly on the go and has become an 'outdoors guy'. He loves exploring and learning about the world. He gets very upset when we have to come inside. We have turned the garage into the 'Man's Den'. Roman is learning how to use chalk on his chalkboard and loves pulling his wagon around. He is learning some new words and is using some sign language to communicate with us. His new sound is 'Buh'! I was not sure what this was but Ms. Lora (his sitter) said they have been learning the letter B. I guess he is taking it in.

This past month we have gone on many hikes and we are glad Roman is loving the outdoors as much as we do. We have bought bikes and a trailer for Roman. He loves bike riding with us. Pretty soon he will be peddling his own bike. As for right now, he is content on his riding tractor. He is just learning how to make it go.

Roman received his first haircut this month. He did not like it at all. The lady did a great job cutting while Daddy was blowing bubbles and I was trying to give him a snack. How many people does it take to give a boy a haircut? He came out looking very handsome and he now has a 'big boy' look.

Roman has become a great help with cleaning and he loves to dust. I guess he takes after mom. He understands just about any object I say and he will go wipe it down. I am so proud:) He has received a new nickname-given to him by Ms. Lora's husband. They call him Linus (from Snoopy). He walks around with Lovey hanging out of his mouth. He is so funny! The only thing missing is the cloud of dust around his head.

We have visited some friends who have had babies this month. WELCOME Holden Wright and Avery Arledge. We remember the newborn stage and will keep you in our prayers:)

I have been able to get out with the girls some and Rick was able to spend some time with a friend and went to see Roller Derby. It is so important to make time for yourself and enjoy life outside the home. We love our family time but look forward to a 'night out'. Rick and I have also made sure to have date night at least once a month.

I have been tutoring some in the evenings so Rick and Roman have had plenty of 'guy time'. Rick is such a great Dad and can take over when I leave with no problem. I appreciate him so much and thank God for such a great guy.

We look forward to the spring weather coming as we will be taking some trips and spending relaxing time together as a family. We thank you for keeping up with our lives and we hope you are all doing well. We miss those of you who we don't get to see often and wish we were closer.

Before we go, we would like to say CONGRATULATIONS Syracuse-6 overtimes...what a record! Uncle Greg, you must be proud.

Check out our February and March photos along with a short video of Roman enjoying some mac and cheese.


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