Great Days In May!

This past month has been filled with much relaxation. We did very little this past month and spent most of it hanging out at home and enjoying each other's company. We have enjoyed the beautiful southern weather. The flowers are blooming, the grass is green and the sprinkler has already been put to use.
I was able to attend the Southern Woman's Show with some good friends where we found some fun 'girly' things. It was my first time attending and it turned me into a shopaholic for the day. I also enjoyed an evening out with the girls for our monthly night out. It is always nice to get together with the girls and forget about life...for a little while anyways.
We have been taking Roman to the library where the last time we went, he insisted on getting just about every book he could find about buses. He gets mad in the car when we don't see one when we are driving. I finally got him to understand that the library is a quiet place. Now whenever we walk in, he tells everyone, "shhhhh"!
I think Rick has had Nascar on too much in the house. Roman will now take all his cars and tip them over and say, "crash"! I think Roman is going to be a little 'suburb red neck'. He can already recognize Jimmy Johnson's car.
He is talking in 3 to 4 word sentences now and is super sweet to Mommy and Daddy. Another new thing he is doing is that he will hug himself and say, "scared" everytime he hears a loud noise or sees a bug. It is funny how kids pick up on little things and will keep doing it. The phases they go through are entertaining.
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We went strawberry picking and Roman filled a bucket in under 10 minutes. He was real fast. Unfortunetely, he did not get the concept that they had to be red. I then had to go through and take out all the green ones. There was no way I was paying for those. It was a great experience for him and I am so glad I can pass on the traditions to him that I always enjoyed doing as a child.
I can't believe summer is right around the corner. I only have 20 days left of school and I am looking forward to my first summer not working. I am sure Roman will keep me quite busy though.
This past weekend we had some great friends in town visiting. We took some long walks, ate lunch out, laughed, and enjoyed each other's company. They made my Mother's Day weekend wonderful. The best part about Mother's Day was when Roman came up to me and said, "Mommy, I you baby!" He than kissed and hugged me. I just love that kid. One day this past week, it was pretty hot outside. Roman insisted that he was cold so he put on his winter hat and gloves when he went outside. I think he realized that is wasn't really cold, they come off in about 20 seconds. You know I would not pass up this opportunity for a picture.
One last thing that I would like to share about Roman is that he has decided he wants to be a nudist. We found him completely naked, sound asleep in his room about 2 o'clock in the morning. Rick happened to get up for something and checked on him. This is how he found him. We left him because we did not want to wake him. The good thing, he woke up and the bed was dry in the morning. This is hysterical because he is always trying to take his clothes off. He will try to hide in a corner and try to get them off before I find him. I just wonder what kids think sometimes???
Mango is actually going to make the blog this month. She had a little accident when jumping off the couch the other day. She landed just right on her paw and broke a nail. Yes, blood was everywhere and Rick went right into action. We got the bleeding under control and Daddy gave her much comfort. She is doing much better now after limping around for a few days. She is getting back to normal with barking at every sound she hears and peeing whenever she gets excited. Welcome Back Mango!
All in all this month has been pretty low key but still memories were made that will never be forgotten.


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