This has been a month of soul searching and realizing that we have so much to give. We started the last month off with a fundraiser/walk for a lung transplant association. Rick volunteered some time on this committee. We know a few people who have had lung transplants and we wanted to support them. They are all fighters and have taught us a lot about living life to the fullest. We are currently working on selling raffle tickets for a free photo shoot. All proceeds go to local and global charities. We were commissioned by our church to take some money and multiply it. We are so blessed to be apart of a wonderful cause. We have asked ourselves, Are we doing all we can and giving back? I will also be walking for diabetes at the end of the month. I have really been feeling the call to JUST DO IT! We all have the ability to give in different capacities. I urge you all to JUST DO IT!
Talking about JUST DO IT! Three months ago I set out on a challenge to run a half marathon. The challenge was tough and took a lot of will power. This past weekend I ran the race and finished in 2 hours and 18 minutes. That was 12 minutes faster than I wanted. I am so proud and the challenge was amazing! I am contemplating to run a full marathon sometime in the future. The race was held in Baltimore so we went up for the weekend and stayed with our friends. I ran with our friend Chris and had a great weekend. When I finished, Roman saw the medal they gave me and said, "Mommy, you win!" It was awesome to hear him say that and I am so proud to show him that you can do whatever you set your mind to.
Early in the month my parents came for a visit. It is always so much fun when Nana and Poppy come for a visit. We went to the farm and enjoyed a hay ride, bounce house, hay bails, pumpkin patch, and corn field. Poppy even bought Roman a new tractor. Poppy is dead set on making this suburban boy a farmer one day:) The one sad thing about living away from family is that Roman asks for them all the time. It breaks my heart to tell him that we can't see them.
Some fun activities that we have enjoyed are apple picking, walks in the park, painting pumpkins and decorating for Halloween. Roman is really into it and he also knows that winter is right around the corner. He says, "Leaves fall down and than snow comes." God, I hope he is wrong, even though I am looking forward to cooler weather after this brutal summer. We have also enjoyed many dinner with friends, welcoming back veterans at the airport, and visiting new babies. It seems that just about everyone we know has recently had a baby or is currently pregnant. I need to be very careful and watch what water I drink:)
Roman is officially potty trained and even standing up. We are so proud of our little man and he makes us smile every moment of the day. OK, that was an exaggeration. There are definitely moments that my smile is upside down but he does make us laugh. We pointed out a police car to him and he said, "Bad guy in back, go to jail. He no have listening ears on." I mean come on, what are you to say to that. Another thing that just puts you in a good mood is his singing. This boy sings all the time. Everything is to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle. There is nothing better to hear your child sing. He will than look at you and say, "Happy!" He always wants to make sure we are happy. He is so sweet!
Well, this has been a packed full month of excitement. Check out the photos from the past month and remember, What are you doing or not doing? We would like to encourage you to JUST DO IT!


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