Roman Turns 3!

We ended the year with a great Christmas party with friends. We enjoyed having Nana and Poppy down with us for Christmas. Roman was spoiled as always. It was nice watching him enjoy the holidays and really start grasping what they are all about. Roman received a battery operated Four Wheeler and Motorcycle. He loves riding them and is becoming quite the dare devil. We started a new tradition this Christmas. Charlie the elf came to stay with us. Roman would look for him every morning and Charlie would report to Santa at night about Roman's behavior. It was sad when Charlie went away for the year. Roman has said he misses Charlie. What a surprise it will be when Charlie shows up again next year. During this winter we have also enjoyed some snow. Thank God Roman has always received a snow suit. Who would of thought we would of needed one living in the south.
Roman started t-ball this month. He has done pretty well with it. He loves his Coach and tells me that he listens. I am glad we get to expose him to a team sport at such a young age.
Rick has endured some more health issues and lots of doctor visits. He had a CAT scan and a sleep study which revealed that he does have sleep apnea. He now sleeps with a machine at night giving him air. It is working well and he is getting good rest. He has also received ear tubes but still struggling with ear infections. Hopefully we will get this taken care of. He is on his way though. We purchased an elliptical so we have turned the loft into a home gym. It is nice not to have to leave the house to work out. I am continuing to run and hopefully will run in a few races this year.
We had some good friends over for New Years Eve. We played Wii and watched the ball drop while eating some good food. Roman happened to wake up right in time and got to see the ball drop. Thank God I was able to get him back to sleep and we all got a good night's sleep.
Roman had a wonderful birthday with friends. The theme this year was dinosaurs. He has learned so much about them. We had a pinata and all. Mommy made the cake and he loved it. Nana and Poppy were also able to come down for the party which Roman greatly appreciated. Just so we are all on the same page, Rick's mom and step dad are Nana and Poppy. My parents are Grammy and Tractor Poppy. This is how we distinguish between the two. Roman will correct you too if you say the wrong one. My parents were not able to make it as my mom had a knee replacement. We missed having them but we will visit them in April.
As I stated in my last post Roman was having trouble waking up early. We purchased a sleep clock. It worked for awhile but it is now in the drawer. Roman did not like it and it became more of a battle than anything. He would get out of bed and close it. He is now getting up early sometimes but he now just comes in our bed and sleeps longer. We are fine with this as sleep is the number one priority right now.
Roman has really become a little helper. He wants to help with everything. He has to push all the buttons on the microwave and help cut his food. He loves to be in the kitchen with me. He has taken on the chore of feeding the dog. It is hilarious to listen to him doing this as he repeats everything we have said to Mango while feeding her. He also has started using the bathroom all by himself. We are not allowed in the bathroom while he goes. He has to close the door as well. But, he does still call, "Mommy, wipe my butt." I guess I am still needed some. I am also not allowed to flush the toilet or put the seat down. He says that is the boys job. I have trained him well:)
Here are some funny things that Roman has said this past month:
"People, learn to drive."
"Superman does not wear pampers to bed." (He said this because we still have him wear one at night.)
"Gym stinky, someone poopy there." (He said this on the way to t-ball at the indoor sports complex.)
"Mommy, tell them I am potty trained." (He said this on the way to church.)
Roman has read his first book. Well, he memorized his first book. It is the Ear Book. He is so proud of himself when he does it. He is also still really into Superheros. He is always one of them at that is what we have to call him. We even get to be a superhero also. The other night after I put him to bed, I heard him singing Happy Birthday to Spiderman. Love it!
Well, Roman has been a little under the weather the last couple of days. We had his 3 year check up today where I was made out to be a liar. I told him they would not hurt him and it would be ok. They ended up spending 15 minutes poking his finger to get enough blood for his cholesterol test. It was a nightmare and he will never want to go back to the doctor again. All in all he was very brave. He is 28 lbs. and 36 inches tall. He is on the small size. We looked in our baby books and he is right in between what Rick and I were at his age. It is neat to look back and see how he compares to us.
Well, we hope you all have had a good start to the new year. Remember to pursue your dreams and live for today.
Happy New Year!
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Dawn said…
It was fun to look in on your Blog.Hope Rick is improving Ear Infections are awful.Roman is amazing such a smart Boy.Keep on running I am just fascinated with your progress.

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