Keeping the Faith Still!

Well, this month has had it's challenges just like the last. We have been faced with some unexpected bumps in the road but through it all we have kept the faith and are reminded that God is STILL in control and he has a plan for our lives. Our path in life is being prepared and we sometimes have to take a detour from the way we were going. The bumps in the road are getting smoothed out and we are continuing on our journey with God as our driver. We sometimes have to be shakin' up a little to get to where we need to be. It is never good to become too comfortable because you never know when you will be forced in a different direction than you thought.
This month has also been filled with many joys. We took Roman to the circus and at first he was not sure about it. He put his fingers in his ears and said it was too loud. As soon as he saw the clowns climbing out of the small car all dressed up in Superhero costumes, he was finally convinced that it was a pretty cool show. We completed our taxes and are looking forward to spending our money on our summer vacation. We have attended a few parties this month-Holden's 2nd birthday, Superbowl/Matt's birthday party, Daytona 500 party, Andrea's bridal shower, Liz'a baby shower, and Chase's first birthday. I had a girl's weekend to the spa. We went to Greensboro and stayed at the Grandover Hotel. It was so relaxing and we celebrated Andrea's upcoming wedding. We also celebrated my 31st birthday. Rick was so sweet and had flowers sent to work. I felt very special. My gift this year was a new Iphone. I am in love and Roman even had to tell me to put it away one night. I was also able to take Roman to a horse barn where he enjoyed seeing horses. He found one that was a Superman Horse (it had on a black mask and red blanket). He wasn't into petting them but he enjoyed seeing them. Roman continues to go to baseball and he loves it. We signed him up for another session and we hope the Yankees will be there to scout him out.
Roman has been learning so much. He is learning some Spanish words. He will quiz me on the words he has learned. He has said some pretty funny things this last month. Here are a few: "Mom, that tree has pickles (prickles) on it." While Rick was getting him dinner, he said, "Food coming right up!" He had me tell him what kind of truck he saw and I told him it was a UPS truck delivering packages. He said, "Why is that a letter truck?" We were playing outside riding his 4 wheeler (monster truck) and a little boy came over to see it. He was afraid to ride it. Roman said, "Jesus says don't be scared." He came down the stairs the other night after being put to bed and he was crying. We asked him what was wrong and he said, "I had a hard day." He continues to be naked often and when you ask him where his clothes are, he says, "Roman doesn't wear clothes." He referes to himself in the third person often and he prefers to be called Super Roman when he is naked. He will also do the naked cowboy dance. It is quite hilarious. While Rick was napping one afternoon, he told me, "Mom, Dad needs a nap because he had a hard day."
Our best friends had a baby girl this past month. We would like to welcome Elisa Elizabeth. We are so happy to have her here and we look forward to meeting her in a couple of weeks.
I would like to dedicate this blog to our childcare provider Lora. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and we couldn't of asked for a better place for Roman to be. She is an amazing woman and she has impacted Roman's life beyond any words that I could write. We love you!
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Remember, if you have faith, keep it! It will never fail you. It will give you peace when you feel life is out of your control.


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