Chickens, Chocolate, and Chilly Weather

As the weather was getting warmer here, Roman and I headed North. We spent our spring break in the CHILLY state of New York. We were even blessed to see some snow flurries and enjoyed the frost on the car one morning. Despite the weather being chilly and rainy, we had a fun time visiting with our family. I am blessed that I was not home during the tornadoes. We are sad for those who lost their homes but grateful for our safety. Roman even got to help feed the chickens on Poppy's farm and ride the tractor. While we were there, there was a new arrival to the farm-a baby goat. It was scared but apparently liked Roman and came right up to him. Roman enjoyed playing with all his cousins, going out to lunch, making sushi with my brother's family, playing in dog kennels with Turner, and having Nerf gun fights with the boys. I even got to go out to dinner one night with my sister in law (Uncle Shell-as Roman calls her) to see just how well of a waitress my niece was. She was great! Roman enjoyed baking an apple pie with Grammy which he was so excited about doing for weeks. He wouldn't eat any of it though:) He did enjoy her home made chicken noodle soup though. He ate a whole bowl. We were all very impressed as he is a very picky eater. I can't believe how fast all my nieces and nephews are growing up. I miss them. Even though we are miles away, I think of them everyday and hold dear every moment I get to spend with them. I was a super mom and drove all the way back home by myself in one day. It was a long trip but Roman did great. We had a fun time in the car. He called it the party car. I would play music and use different objects as my microphone. He thought it was hilarious. The things we do to keep the kids entertained. We were happy to be back home as we missed Daddy very much.
We went downtown where Roman participated in an Easter egg hunt. He was pretty grumpy when he woke up on Easter morning but we finally convinced him to look for his Easter basket. He thought it was funny that the bunny hid it in his grocery cabinet. Thank God he doesn't like CHOCOLATE so there was very little candy in the basket. We then enjoyed an amazing service at church and came home to a yummy roast in the crock pot. It was a good weekend! Roman is still telling us the Easter story of Jesus.
Babies are still coming among our friends. Our friends recently had another little girl and several others we know are pregnant. It is amazing to see all these miracles take place.
Some of Roman's funny things this past month are: He says 1, 2, 3, Rock before he starts singing. He loves to sing and hum. Also, during our grocery shopping trip, he would say the item that was put in the cart and than say check! It was pretty funny. I don't know where he comes up with these things. He also says, Are you kidding me?
Some of the struggles with him this month are talking back and coming in our bed at night. He is going to bed much better and not getting out of bed but just like clock work, around 2 am he comes in our bed. I have let it go because I just want to sleep. He crawls in bed and we all sleep peacefully. I guess I will tackle this later. He will talk back and repeat what you say to him. We are being consistent with telling him no and that it is rude. He is slowly getting it. There is always something when parenting. It is a struggle to know what and how to do things right but we are learning to be consistent and things will work themselves out. Parenting is truly the hardest job out there. We are given the responsibility to raise a child to become a good citizen with all these great qualities. It is a huge task but with God's help and guidance we make it happen.
Things at school are going to be busy as we are starting to wrap up the last few weeks of school. We have 28 days left. I am not counting though:) I am looking forward to the summer and all the fun activities we have planned.
Rick continues to be healthy and he is becoming quit the 'cut' guy. He is working out many times a week and I am blessed to have him by my side.
Before I leave you, I want to let you in on my new hobby. I have started couponing. Yes, it is addicting and with my 'OCD' tendencies...I have started looking at things a whole new way. I am not extreme like the TV show and I only buy what we will use. I am mastering the art though and so far I have saved so much! With the last two shopping trips, I have saved 65% of what I would of spent just using my coupons. I have arranged my pantry (once again) for all the items. My pantry makes me smile when I open the doors. Yes, I am crazy but I am tired of spending our hard earned money when I know I can save by taking a few extra minutes to find the deals.
Well, we hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather. Don't forget to check out our April pictures.


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