Summer Fun!

We started off the summer with celebrating Father's Day with the best dad in the world. This is what Roman says about Rick. Rick also was able to attend a golf tournament for the lung transplant foundation. He enjoyed getting out and hitting some balls as he doesn't get to do this very often. This foundation is very close to our hearts as our neighbor received a double lung transplant. Unfortunately our friend is no longer with us but his memory will always be in our hearts.
I have enjoyed my time off this summer with Roman. We have built birdhouses, dug in the dirt, visited the pool, and many games of super heroes. He is very sweet and loving and will say the nicest things. On the other hand, he can be very defiant and push for what he wants. It has definitely been a challenge this summer balancing the discipline and play time. Every summer I am reminded that being a parent is harder than any job out there.
I babysat a neighbor for a couple of weeks. It was nice for Roman to have someone to play with. We went to many parks, dollar summer movies, and the library. I have kept myself very busy with keeping up with Roman, cleaning the house, and breaking up fights between Roman and Mango.
We had a good fourth of July weekend. We went to fireworks on Saturday night. Roman enjoyed them but they lasted too long for him and he got bored. I guess that means it was a good show. On Sunday, Rick's mom and step dad came down to spend the rest of the long weekend with us. Roman always enjoys having them in town. We enjoyed doing some small fireworks and sparkles in the yard. Thanks to our neighbors, we did not have to go anywhere on Monday for the fireworks. They put on quite a show of fireworks. Thanks!
We also celebrated Rick's birthday on the 6th. We went out for ice cream and Roman made him the cutest card. Roman has started drawing people and things-still very abstract but getting much better. He drew daddy and a birthday cake. Make sure to see it on our photos. He is so proud of his drawings.
We are getting ready to go to the Outer Banks next week. We will be there with my brother and his family. I am so excited to spend some time with family and get a change of scenery for awhile. This is a big trip for them as my niece has graduated from high school. I can't believe how they are all growing up so fast. I will also get to see my newest great niece.
Roman's sayings this month have included. "It sure is...", and "I have the best family in the whole world!" He is also questioning every word and sentence he hears that he doesn't understand. He wants to know what everything means.
Make sure to check out our latest photos (June and July). We hope you are all enjoying your summer and trying to stay cool.


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