Earthquakes, Hurricanes, three year olds...OH MY!!!

Well, this has been one adventurous month for us. I am back into the swing of things at school. I am excited for the new group of kids and Roman is settling back into his routine with Ms. Lora. We feel so blessed once again to be able to drop him off with this wonderful woman. She has taken them on some 'field trips'. She has taught them about donating items we no longer need, practicing their writing skills in the bank, and purchasing items at the store. He is looking forward to when they will be going to the neighbors to check out the chickens and get eggs.
This past month has been filled with some good fun. Rick was able to go to a Panthers/Giants game in Charlotte. He has also got himself set up for hunting this year. He is so excited about this as he has not done this for 10 years. I hope he gets a deer and fills up my freezer. Bring home the venison baby!
We have gone to some Durham Bulls games, Jump Zone, Monkey Joe's, friend's birthday parties, and random trips to downtown just to walk around and grab a bite to eat. I was able to attend a spa party. It was very relaxing and a nice break to get away and be pampered. My brother Steve and his family were also down for a few days to visit. We always love having them in town. While they were here, the girls and Turner had a contest. We did a home version of Iron Chef. Our secret ingredient was marshmallows. Unfortunately, Turner and I lost. Even though I think our dish was the best, the judges obviously did not. At least I never claimed to like being in the kitchen...and here is my excuse to stay out of the kitchen for the future.
Well, we are starting to prepare for this baby. We have given Roman the Queen bed from the spare bedroom. He seems to like it. He was excited to put the crib and other baby items in the other bedroom. He will occasionally walk in the room and say he has to go check on the baby's room. He is still also convinced that we are having a girl. We will find out in 2 weeks if he is right. As for me, I am feeling better but still will get spells of 'yuckiness'. The belly is growing. I know this as Roman told me the other day, "Mommy, your belly is getting big." There you have it:)
Roman has continued to use some pretty funny words. His biggest word is still ridiculous. The other day I brought him home a present. He was so excited and jumping up and down. He stopped, looked at me, and said, "Mommy, you take my breath away!" It caught Rick and I off guard but it was the cutest thing ever. These are the moments that makes being a parent all worth it.
We have had some crazy weather this past month. We experienced our first earthquake. It was so weird as I have never experienced one before but new right away what it was. Not a week later we were facing a Hurricane. Thank God that we were not hit hard. Unfortunately, our friends and family in Upstate NY and Vermont were hit very hard. They are still getting things back to normal. We wish we could be there to help but the sense of community that we see going on up there is very heart felt. They are all in our thoughts and prayers as they are continuing to put their lives back together again.


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