Baseball, Bump, and Boo's!

This past month has had many adventures just like always. My parents came in town to visit for a couple of days. This is always a fun time for Roman. Poppy always makes sure he is stocked up on his tractor collection and Grammy is teaching him to be a baker. They love to make apple pie together. Roman always gives it a 'two thumbs up'. We enjoyed the Farmer's Market, a car show, and some good food.
We enjoyed a day at the North Carolina Zoo. It was great weather and Roman enjoyed seeing the Albino alligators. His favorite part though was the Baboons. He was very intrigued with why they have pink butts. He is still talking about it:)
Roman is still playing t-ball. This new session is more advanced. He is not actually playing in a 'game'. It is hilarious to watch 3-5 year olds trying to play a game. On Roman's first game, he hit the ball (this is what he does best) and ran to third instead of first. Make sure you watch the video of his first t-ball game in our photo albums.
Rick continues to hunt. He has yet come home with a deer but we are keeping our fingers crossed. Our friend who got a deer did bring us over some venison. Roman has been waiting to try it and he LOVED it. I was impressed to see him eat meat other than chicken.
Nana and Poppy also came in town one weekend. We enjoyed a nice lunch for Vern's birthday. Roman enjoyed having them in town and he got to have a 'pajama party' with them one night as Rick and I hung out with some neighbors for a Halloween party. This year we were has mismatched of a family as you can get. Rick was a redneck, I was a pregnant skeleton (which I made), and Roman was Bumble Been Transformer. At the party we had a pumpkin carving contest. I did not win but am still really proud of my creation. Roman enjoyed trick or treating on Monday. Thank God the rain stopped and we had a blast. He did not want to go back home. We are now looking forward to the next Holiday-Thanksgiving.
I had a doctor's appointment to check on the baby. Everything looks great. Max has a strong heartbeat and mommy is measuring normal. It is so funny the second time around. After my appointment I got in the car and realized I did not ask what I measured, what the heartbeat was or any of the details to write in the baby book. This pregnancy is definitely not 'journaled' (if that is even a word) as the first. The second time around is so different as the excitement comes from the baby and not the pregnancy itself. Roman is excited to meet his brother and will talk to the baby. He talks to my belly button-he says this is the microphone. I am now 25 weeks pregnant but enjoy the last pregnant picture taken anyway.
Roman has said some pretty funny things (AGAIN) this past month. They include, "Mommy, you make my heart so happy." I asked him why he asked so many questions and he said, "Because I need to know so many things." One night when I would not let him do something he said, "Mom, you are so hard headed." My car had to get towed one day because it needed a new battery. When we went to leave the next day in Daddy's car, Roman said, "Mom, are you disappointed in your car?" Roman's latest game to play is wedding. You have to hold his hand and walk slowly from one end of the house to the other. At the end, you kiss. He says this is what Mommy and Daddy did. He will than look at our rings. It is so cool to see him grasp this concept.
I have been very busy doing 'DIY' projects. I love seeing something and realizing I can do it too. You will see some of my creations in the photos from the past month.
Remember to be thankful this month. We should always be thankful but let this month be a time to stop and take note of all the wonderful things in life.


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