Wrapping Up 2011!

This has been another fun filled month. We had a wonderful, thankful Thanksgiving holiday. We enjoyed frying a turkey-our yearly tradition. We had some friends over and the kids had a blast doing somersaults and playing after we enjoyed yummy food and deserts. We have a lot of things to be thankful and it was nice to discuss these things with Roman. Each night he was able to add to his list of things he was thankful for.
One thing we have been truly thankful for is the gorgeous weather that North Carolina has given us this past month. We have enjoyed many trips to the park, feeding the ducks, swinging on the swings, playing outside, and riding the monster truck (Roman that is).
Roman and I went with some friends to the Raleigh Christmas parade. Roman always enjoys watching the marching bands and old cars. It was very packed there as one of North Carolina's celebrities-Scotty McCreery was the Grand Marshall. Roman saw his first famous person and did not even notice it. At least I have a picture to prove it to him. We also went to the Apex parade with some neighbors. It was very cool as it was a night parade so all the Christmas lights were very pretty. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out with some friends at a local restaurant. Roman was a trooper and behaved himself well...Rick on the other hand caused quite the scene. He elbowed the waitress (on accident) and his beer broke and flew everywhere. Roman even got a little cut from it. You know what they say..."You can dress them up but you can't take them out." Roman's very small cut has healed up and he was impressed at how he no longer can see it. He said that Jesus fixed it. Very cute!
We enjoyed a nice evening with friends where we ate a delicious venison meal. Many of Rick's buddies have got their deer. Rick was getting quite jealous. That jealousy was short lived as he was able to get his first deer of the season as well. He was very excited and Roman was also very excited to share this moment with his dad. We have already cooked some up and Roman loved it. We look forward to more venison in the future as I am venturing into making jerky. YUMMY! There are pictures of Rick and his deer in our photo album-CAUTION...parental discretion is advised:)
The other day we were able to have some family pictures taken. They will be added to our photo album as soon as they are ready. After the photos we decided to go eat brunch. We went to IHOP. After that Roman had baseball...proceeded by the parade and out to eat. Hence the story from before. The point is-we had a very long day and did not get home until late. We went to put Roman to bed and Lovey (his comfort blanket that he has had since birth) was nowhere to be found. I was about to have a mental break down with him. I think I am just as attached to it as he is. Well, Mommy mode kicked in and I called IHOP. Luckily they had Lovey safe and sound in a drawer. We had to convince Roman to sleep without it for the night. It was a very long night (over tired and no lovey makes for not much sleep) but we got through it and we all learned a great lesson that night. Lovey is no longer aloud to leave the house...EVER!
Rick and I have both enjoyed a night away. Rick was able to hang out with his guy friends. I was able to get together with some friends for dinner and another night of watching a movie with some friends. It is so nice to have these evenings out every now and than.
I had another doctor's appointment and the baby is growing and I am feeling great. His heartbeat was strong and all my tests are normal and we are right on track to have a healthy and happy baby. We are all getting excited. I am 29 weeks and counting. We are able to feel the baby move all the time. Rick was able to feel and hear the heart beat the other night by laying his head on my stomach. It was such a cool experience.
Roman finished up this season of T-ball and he has expressed the desire to play soccer. Despite the fact that Daddy and Mommy are not big fans of soccer, we signed him up. We are secretly hoping he will want to go back to baseball one day. Like I told Rick though-if Roman ends up loving soccer, we will too because he is our son and anything that he does will be amazing and we will want to be apart of it. He starts his soccer league this Saturday and I am excited to see him take on a new adventure.
We have decorated for Christmas and Roman was a big help with the tree. Yes-some ornaments did have to be moved after he went to bed. A few of the branches had way too many ornaments on them. We have a friend named Charlie-our elf who visits us during this time of the year. Every night he moves and we have to find him. You never know where he is going to be. This year he has been quite the little entertainer. He has already had many adventures in the Przygoda household. Make sure to check out our photo albums to see all his fun antics. Mommy has set the bar quite high for Charlie already. I hope I am able to keep it up for the next 21 days:)
I have been very busy making some homemade gifts this year. I have adventured into making monogrammed pictures with crayons, necklaces, silhouettes on Picnik, and using unique items to wrap the gifts in. I have also tried some more fun activities with Roman to keep his attention. We have had dance parties, glow in the dark balloon parties, popcorn and movie nights, and lots of baking...he calls himself, "My Little Chef". You can check out all my fun projects and activities on my other blog-www.getyourducksinarow123.blogspot.com.
Roman has done a good job at learning to write his name. He is able to write it alone with only verbal guidance. We are so proud of him. Some of his words that he has been using are: probably and whatever. He picks up on all vocabulary that he hears and he loves to tell stories. I can't believe I will soon have a new little boy to start adventures with and watch Roman be an awesome big brother.
Make sure you enjoy the photos from the past month and make sure to watch the videos of Roman dancing and reading. They are quite funny and will make you smile.
We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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