Happy New Year!

A new year has started and 2012 memories are already being made. The year 2011 brought many ups and downs but great memories were made and reflecting back we are very blessed.
In December Rick and I were able to attend a Syracuse vs. State basketball game. It was a good time with our friends and Syracuse pulled out a win. We are very proud of our team as they are currently 19-0. Go Orangemen!
We enjoyed hosting a small Christmas party. It is always a nice spending time with friends. We had an awesome Christmas with Nana and Poppy down to celebrate with us. Roman enjoyed watching Charlie (his elf from the North Pole) and all his adventures. Mommy and Daddy even got new furniture for the house. It feels so nice to get new things and freshen up the house. Roman was quite happy with all his presents-bike, scooter, transformers, train set, and so much more. Really??? Why do kids need this much? We are very thankful to be able to give him a Christmas to remember but teach him at the same time to be thankful for what we have. We were able to discuss with him that everyone is not as fortunate and we had him donate a coat to a coat drive. He was very proud to give his coat to another little boy who needed one.
Roman is now playing soccer and he is enjoying it very much. Rick enjoys taking him on Saturday mornings and giving mommy her break.
We have taken Roman to two movies in the past month. We have seen The Muppets and Alvin and the Chipmunks. There is nothing like seeing a little boy in a big theatre chair holding a large popcorn. We have also enjoyed friend's birthday parties, playdates with friends, field trips with Ms. Lora (Roman's AWESOME babysitter), and a spontaneous weekend cookout with the neighbors. Rick received a smoker for Christmas and it has attracted the guys in the neighborhood. There is nothing like seeing guys hook up a tv outside on the patio and sit around watching meat smoke. I guess it's the little things in life:)
Roman has said some pretty funny things this past month-"Mom, you look like you are going to pop." "Mom, I love you so much." "I got bigger." "So much or little." Rick has been calling Roman Bobby to just be funny. Roman has picked up on this and has been calling Rick-Ricky Bobby. I have been being called Mama. I guess we have a little southern boy on our hands. One of Roman's big discovery this past month is how to use the computer. He received a kid friendly mouse for Christmas. It took him all of 2 minutes to figure out. It is amazing how fast kids pick up on things and how advanced they will be with technology.
We enjoyed a weekend at the beach with some friends for New Year's. The weather was beautiful and the kids enjoyed playing outside in the sand. Roman especially enjoyed the rides in the golf cart.
Unfortunate, 2012 started with a sad event. Our babysitter- Ms. Lora's husband suddenly passed. We all were very shocked and are very sad that such a young person has been taken from this earth so soon. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family has they will be faced with many new chapters in their life. We attended the funeral and realized that this man and his family are truly great people and the family is extremely strong and are rejoicing that he is in a better place. We feel so blessed to be apart of this family and our lives are forever changed for knowing them. We will never understand life and all the things it throws at us. All we know is that God is in control and he has a plan so beyond our comprehension. Our faith is strengthened when things like this happen. I am so blessed to know that I don't have to be in control-there is someone out there who is watching out for us.
Roman turned 4 on Friday. Yesterday we enjoyed a great Superhero birthday party for Roman. I had a blast creating all the things for it. He may not have quite appreciated all the hard work that went into it but one day I am sure he will. He enjoyed playing with his friends and opening his presents. We can't believe how big he has gotten. He has blessed us so much and has truly been a light to us and his smile makes the world a better place. We love you Roman with all our hearts! We wish you the happiest year in 2012.
We are looking forward to a great year. Soon, we will welcome Max Stone into the world. We hope you have all enjoyed your start to the New Year. Click to see our latest photos.


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