Life is an Hour Glass!

The song I chose for this post is called Hour Glass. I chose this song because the past month we have had so many changes with the new addition of Max and I have realized that life is an Hour Glass that we watch go by. I want to capture all the memories and keep them in a bottle just like the sand in the Hour Glass. Time goes by way too fast and I am trying to slow down and take every second in instead of watching the sand in the Hour Glass fall away.
Max has enriched our lives so much and he has made our family complete. He has brought a closeness to us that we did not have before and I feel like the luckiest mom to have two awesome, healthy, handsome boys to call my own. I am enjoying watching Roman interact with Max and Roman has become such a big boy over night. Tonight as we were cuddling in bed he said, "Mom, you will always be in my heart and I will always want you to cuddle with me." I hope this is true.
Before Max arrived we were able to get some last minute activities in with Roman. We took Roman to his first hockey game, a birthday party at a gymnastics gym, superbowl party, and soccer. He was also able to come to school with me a couple of days right before Max arrived. Roman had his 4 year old checkup where he was 39'' tall and weighed 35 lbs. He has come up with some pretty funny things this past month. He asked me the other day what that thinking thing was in your head. I guess his brain couldn't remember...he also says 'udicated' instead of electrocuted. He thinks its funny and won't say it the right way. He is actually a very funny kid and comes up with some clever things. If only I could record him for a would make for a great sitcom.
Rick and I were also able to get out one night...these are few and far between but so enjoyable when we do get out. We have enjoyed the nice weather and have had some fun nights with friends/neighbors and playing outside...Roman is loving his scooter and bike. My friends also threw me an awesome baby shower and they made me feel very loved. We are done having children so to remember the wonderful experience of being pregnant (not that I could ever forget it:) I made a belly cast. Rick, Roman and my friend were all involved in casting my makes a great bowl in the bathroom:)
After Max was born Nana and Grammy each came down for a week. It was so nice to have family here to help and to give Roman the attention that I was not able to give him. Roman has made the transition of being a big brother beautifully. He is very sweet to Max and is always giving him hugs and kisses. He has also been a great help to me. The age difference is awesome. I feel I had 4 great years with Roman and he is now big enough to be more independent which allows me to be more relaxed and take care of Max. Being a mom of 2 is great and it is amazing how you just figure things out and it all falls into place.
Other than adjusting to taking care of two children, catching up on sleep (oh wait, that has not happened yet), celebrating Max's first holiday (St. Patrick's Day) we have enjoyed March Madness. We are so proud of our Syracuse Orangeman and we are hoping for a championship victory.
We want to thank all of our friends and family for the well wishes and we can't wait for the rest of you to meet Max soon.
Check out the latest photos from the past month and remember life is an Hour Glass so make the most of it and cherish every second of the day.


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