There was always one thing I wanted to learn to do...that was learn how to juggle. I remember being a young child and being so impressed when watching someone juggle. I did try it once. I was in a toy store and the clerk working there tried to teach me. Needless to say, I never was able to do it. WELL, I have finally learned how to juggle. It's called the juggle of life...GOTCH YA! I know you were all going to be impressed. Unfortunetely I still can't juggle with rubber balls but I have gotten really good at juggling life and all it's balls that it throws at me. I am able to get ready for work, get two kids settled for the babysitter, go to work and deal with all of that, come home (possible errands on the way home), make dinner, play with the kids, workout, clean house, laundry, get kids to bed, maybe catch up on a book or show, and possibly spend some time with my husband. I have become very good at this. But let me tell you, juggling can be HARD work. It's amazing though how we all have our own things to juggle and manage to survive. It all gets done-now or later, and IT'S ALL GOOD! I am looking forward to school ending though-only 3 more days. WOOOO HOOOOO!!!! I am looking forward to the summer with my boys. Oh the boys-where to begin. I have enjoyed being a mommy of 2 boys so much! Roman is such an awesome big brother and is growing up so fast. He is now writing his first and last name (I never thought he would accomplish that-my dad still can't spell it:) He is also able to count to 30. He doesn't always like to 'work' as he puts it but he is proud when he learns a new skill and he is able to show off to mommy and daddy. We are so proud of him! He is continuing soccer through the summer. He loves playing soccer with us outside but we can never figure out his rules. Somehow he always wins and we always lose. The pool has opened and he has become quite a fish. He is going down the water slides, going under water, and swimming in the deep end with his life jacket of course. We have signed him up for swim camp and a farm camp this summer. His new thing to say is, "Mom, I love you to the moon and back!" He makes my heart melt. Max is now 15 weeks old and growing fast. He is rolling over and has discovered his feet. He loves to talk to you and smile. He is a very laid back baby and is always happy. He is sleeping through the night-9 hours. He has been very good to mommy and daddy. He has become a finger sucker. When he is tired he lays on his belly, sucks his fingers and he is 'OUT'-that is what Roman says. This past month Rick was able to get away with the guys on his yearly Nascar race trip to Charlotte. Once again he was able to see Jimmy Johnson win. We have hung out alot with neighbors having outdoor movies, cookouts, and pool time. I was able to get a little spa time for Mother's Day. We adventured to the parks with friends. We have also had some family in town. Nana and Poppy were here visiting and as always the kids had a blast with them. We are so blessed that they get to visit us often. We also had our best friends from Baltimore down for a weekend. It was fun having a little girl in the house for a weekend. Roman wasn't really impressed though. He is going through this stage where girls and younger kids are babies. He says he is too big to play with them and he gets annoyed. Roman and mommy have been going on 'dates'. Roman loves to go to the store with me alone and hold my hand. He says, "We are on a date, I love you so much. You are in my heart Mommy." So precious! I have been running and anxiously looking forward to this mammoth of a race I have set myself up for. I still can't believe I am going to run a marathon but you never know you can do something unless you try. We are looking forward to a fun summer with some travel. I am looking forward to slowing down my juggling act for awhile. Not that two children allow for that. Oh well, like I said. I have always been impressed with juggling:) May Photos


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