"Mom, is it still FAH-ALL?"  Yes, this is the question I get every morning.  In case you were wondering Roman is really FAHocusing on his 'F' sound.  The calendar says fall but the weather does not seem to be cooperating.  I love warm weather but am really looking forward to having windows open, wearing sweatshirts, and sitting outside at a campfire.
We have been so busy this past month.  We have had so many adventures.  To begin, 'Hunting Season' has begun so Rick has been in a really good mood:)  I am making room in my freezer in hopes of something big.
We were able to celebrate Ms. Lora's (our wonderful babysitter) birthday at Red Lobster one night.  It was a surprise and Roman enjoyed keeping the secret and staying up late to share in her celebration.  On another night, I was able to go out after work with some friends.  It was so amazing to meet up with friends for a drink after work...sometimes I miss the good old days.  Wait-when I used to go out for drinks I don't think I had a job:)  Those were really the good old days...no work and all play!  Anyway, it was a well deserved, relaxing night with many laughs.  Rick and I even got a night out and guess where we went????????? You got it...the car dealership.  We were looking at mini-vans.  Man, this post is really making me feel old and boring.  Anyway, we did not get a new car but enjoyed each other's company in the comfort of the car salesman's office.
We enjoyed the pumpkin patch at Hillridge Farms and Max really seemed to enjoy the pumpkins.  Roman was so brave and attempted the tunnel slide down the hill by himself.  He of course than did it 3 more times.  What a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than sipping apple cider, going on hayrides, and picking out pumpkins.
I took the boys to Dreamsports (the place where Roman plays soccer) for a sports day.  Roman was able to try different sports, eat popcorn, have face painted, and meet the players of the Railhawks (a local soccer team).  It was also his first time interacting with a mascot without being afraid.  He said he likes them now because he needs to get ready to meet Mickey Mouse when we go to Florida.  He is always thinking and making connections.  Roman got to go see Madagascar at the movie theatre with his friend Brandon and Lora's son.  I just can't say it enough that they are such wonderful people.  Just to brag a little more of how wonderful Ms Lora is...she will sometimes send me off with breakfast after I drop the boys off.  God has truely blessed us and I am thankful everyday for the opportunity to send my children to such a wonderful place where they are investing their time and money into my children's lives.  Roman was able to go to a birthday party at Marbles.  His friend Mary used to go to Ms. Lora's with him.  It was like they have never been apart.  They played together the whole time without one arguement and gave each other big hugs when they said good bye.
So other than all of our adventures there has been some fun times just hanging out at the house.  Max is 7 months old and crawling and pulling himself up on everything.  He has not figured out how to get down though.  He will just stand there and yell until you come.  He has still not cut any teeth but drooling like crazy.  He is like a snail and leaves a trail of slime wherever he goes...this has been good therapy for my OCD of keeping my house clean:)  Roman has also done and said some pretty funny things.  The one night that I was out he wrote me a note and left it on the front door for me...so cute!  Some of the funny things he has said include: "Just go to work dad and get money so you can buy me a motorcycle", "Uh-Oh the hose has a hank in it", "I'm just going to sit here and chill", "Dad and I are going to hang out while you are gone", "I am not wearing that shirt, I am not a man's lady" (the shirt says I'm a ladies man), "I need a break to talk to Jesus because I am mad", "God loves Me"...he makes me laugh all the time.
I am in full training mode for my marathon.  I am not sure how I am going to make it but I am just taking one day at a time.  Working full time, parenting two children, training for a marathon, and trying to be a good wife is a very hard job.  I just keep thinking that I am blessed for having all these things in my life and try to stay positive and take one day at a time.
We have decorated for Halloween already as Roman just couldn't wait any longer.  We are enjoying this fall season and hope you are doing the same.  Make sure to check out our September photos.


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