October Happennings!

Ummmmm!  I completely have writer's block for this month's post.  I guess this was bound to happen after keeping up with a blog for over 5 years.  I'm serious, the last 2 sentences took me 10 minutes to write:(  Maybe this means I need sleep, a vacation, a night out, or just a glass of wine.  Right now they all sound really good.

Let's see, we started the month off with a birthday party at the park.  The ducks love when we come...Roman will bring a whole loaf of bread.  He is so messing up the ecosystem.

Rick and I were able to get a night out.  Our wonderful babysitter keeps them over night the second Wednesday of each month.  It was very strange going to dinner and coming home to a quiet house with  no little ones to take care of.  I slept like a baby that night...it was AWESOME!  I was however excited to get them the next day as I did miss them.  Rick and I also both got a night out with our friends.  We have really tried to take time out of our schedules for each other and time with our friends.

Nana and Poppy were here for a visit.  Nana and myself took Roman to the movies.  We saw Frankenweiner.  We almost made it through the whole movie but it got a little scary for Roman and after trying to persuade him to stay, we left.  We also went to the pumpkin patch farm and had fried dough for dinner.  It made up for the fact that I did not get to the state fair this year:(  Roman and Max did make it to the fair though.  Lora took the boys for a field trip to the fair.  Roman had a blast riding the rides and Max enjoyed the food that the ladies fed him...his first fair food experience.

We enjoyed having our friends from Baltimore here with us for Halloween weekend.  That weekend I ran a 5K called the Color Me Rad Race.  As the name states, I was covered in paint throughout the race.  Just as the message of the race, it made me smile longer and look at the world a little more colorful.  That weekend we had our first Halloween party for our neighbors.  It was fun seeing everyone dressed in their costumes.  It was also fun creating the scary food.

As I stated in my last post, hunting season has started.  Well, my hubby got a deer.  We are very proud of him and our freezer is now a little fuller and we can't wait to have our first venison meal of the year.  He will go out again this weekend and hopefully more venison is in our future.  The only bad thing about getting deer is that the guys decided to cut all the meat in MY kitchen.  I will say though, when I got up the next morning, Rick did a phenomenal job cleaning up.  I have taught him well:)  Besides hunting, we have enjoyed many days at the park, playdates, and hanging out with friends.  I am still running-UGH! and Roman is still playing soccer on Saturdays.  No time for boredom at our house.

So lets get to the boys...my have they grown.  Just kidding, it's only been a month people since my last post.  Max is everywhere...getting into everything...and eating anything.  He has teeth now and more are coming.  He loves table food and doesn't care what it is.  He is pulling himself up and we are expecting him to walk any day now.  He continues to make us smile all the time and he is truly a blessing as he has made our family whole.

Roman has mastered the letter sound f-if you remember we were working on this in the last post.  He is so excited to be turning 5 in a couple of months.  He told me today that he just couldn't wait to be 5.  He wanted to know if he would be an adult.  He says he doesn't want to be a kid anymore.  Here is a conversation that we had the other day driving home.  Me-"Roman, what do you want to be when you get older?"  Roman-"I just want to be an adult."  Me-"Where do you want to work?"  Roman-"I need to go to college first."  Me-"What do you want to learn how to do in college?"  Roman-"I just want to know how to drive a car."  I wish I could tell him that life would be just that easy.  Here is another conversation we had.  Me-"Roman your piggy bank is getting pretty full, we have to take it to the bank."  Roman-"No mom, I need this money to buy a vehicle when I am an adult."  Me-"Do you have enough money to buy a car?"  Roman-"Yes, my piggy bank is full."  I just love the innocence that children have.  We have started teaching Roman about spending, saving, and earning.  He has two cups...one is earn and one is spend.  He started with 5 quarters.  He has to earn quarters to use the Ipad, watch TV and use the computer by doing chores and doing 'work' as he calls it (numbers and letters).  It is really working and he has been doing things around the house without being asked.  He also remembers to ask to use the Ipad by saying, "Mom, can I buy some time on the Ipad?"  It is a great lesson that he is learning.  I want to teach my children that nothing comes without hard work.  I wish I could teach this lesson to some adults.

We are now looking forward to Thanksgiving and frying that turkey.  Christmas will be right around the corner and a new year will be starting.  This year is flying by.  I need to get some wings so I can keep up:)
I did it-another post...just like running, you have to break through the wall when you hit it.
Enjoy the photos and video from this past month.  October Photos


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