A Day In The Life...

A day in the life of myself goes something like this...5:45 am the alarm goes off.  The snooze button is always hit at least once.  I eventually crawl out of bed and get ready for the day.  The boys are awaken with 10 minutes to spare before I need to be out the door.  Roman is not always happy to be woken up so a lot of positive reinforcement is given (which is very hard since I am not a morning person).  Luckily daddy is dropping Roman off so I get on my way to drop Max off on the opposite side of town.  No matter what time I leave, it seems everyone else is on their way too and all the lights happen to turn red right before I get to them.  Rain or shine I carry Max into Lora's as I have to go to work to pay the bills.  I get to work and prepare myself for the many jobs that I will have to carry out in the next 6 hours-mother, teacher, nurse, counselor, and book keeper just to name a few.  Within 10 minutes of the bell ringing I am telling kids to stop running, be nice, find your seat, use your words, work it out, lower your voice...and the occasional child will give me a hug or send a smile my way.  There may be a few write-ups for ISS (In School Suspension), fights to break up, inappropriate behavior, and other things that you just couldn't imagine happening in a first grade room but somehow we all get through the day.  I strive to look for the positive and every now and than you see a light at the end of the tunnel-when a child shows you a book they can FINALLY read, work completed without being asked, two kids who never get along laughing in a corner together, or a Good Morning from a child who usually just walks right on by.  I often question my job and wonder-What Am I Doing Here?  After all the ups, down, questions, and laughs I leave my second home and am off once again to the opposite end of town to pick up my baby.  We then go and pick up big brother which is not always fun because Max is usually sleeping and is not happy when I wake him up to walk in the get Roman.  He than gets really mad when I have to put him back in the car seat and the last 10 minutes of the drive home there is usually nothing but screaming in the car.  I realize my day is not even close to being done.  I get in the house and have to pee so bad because I can't remember the last time I went.  I drop everything in the house and of course can't pee in peace anymore.  I have Max in there with me tearing up all the toilet paper, Roman nagging for dinner and a drink, and Mango going crazy because she has to go outside to pee.  I get everyone settled and than I will start dinner-if we are lucky.  I will usually eat standing up because by the time I eat I have a cranky little boy on my hip who refuses to let me put him down.  Daddy will take over and get Max to bed and I will spend a few minutes with Roman doing different activities or games and than I hear the kitchen calling to be cleaned up from dinner.  The hardest part of my day lately has been getting Roman to bed without a fight.  It's definitely not a quick thing anymore. After all that, I might get a quick workout in or just catch up on my house chores.  By the time I crawl into bed my eyes are already shut and I am sound asleep.
You may be asking why I chose to start my blog this month off this way.  Life is not always flowers and rainbows but REALITY.  REALITY has been crazy lately and I wanted to share.  I know we all have days like these and sometimes they are much worse.  I have questioned a lot this past month- Am I a good teacher?  Am I being a good mom and wife?  What can I do better at?  Why is life so crazy?  I have come to the conclusion that life is hard and there is just no way around it.  There are no concrete answers to these questions...the closest answer that I have come up with is, I am doing my best and that is all I can do.  I get up and try again and hopefully I will do it better.  These are the things that drive us.  If life was always flowers and rainbows we would not be challenged to become stronger, better, more valuable people.  With all that being said, there have been some 'flowers and rainbows' this month.

We attended 2 birthday parties for two cute little boys.  Roman was a pizza maker at one party.  We attended a Superbowl party where we got to hang out with some great friends.  We took a hike one beautiful day and got to enjoy our family of four. Roman and I had a date at the circus.  We enjoyed sledding in our 'ice storm'.  I celebrated my 33rd birthday in style-eating Chinese at home and catching up on DVR.  I attended a Valentine's party with Roman at his school.  Max had a sleepover with Ms. Lora as we went to do our taxes-this was a good night as we got back more than we expected.
The highlight of the month was Max turning one.  We had a 'mustache bash' party for him with friends and family.  That same weekend we enjoyed having my brother and his family and Nana in town.  We went bowling, out to dinner, and the boys went tractor window shopping.

Roman has given us some hard times lately.  Not sure if it is the transition into a new school, different schedule, or just being a 5 year old but we are trying to use wisdom to deal with his 'smart mouth' and talking back.  He is like a light switch-one minute being so sweet and all of a sudden our parent skills are put to the test.  Through all of this though he still makes us laugh.  He has said some pretty funny things this past month- "When I grow up I want to be a dinosaur so I don't have to marry and kiss."  "He is the most powerfulest." (I was proud of him using the -est suffix even if it was used wrong.)  "I really wish I could have a cracker with paper in it." (He was talking about a fortune cookie.)  After telling Roman he had to go with us to do our taxes he said, "Why do we have to go to Texas?"
Max is talking and walking and growing up way to fast.  He has about 10 words now and tries to imitate anything you do.  We have taught him some good tricks and he has such a great personality.  He is always so happy and always laughing.
Writing this blog has been such a blessing to me.  It allows me to reflect on my life and slow time down.  Like I said before, We all just have to get up and start the new day with an attitude of- 'Today is going to be better than yesterday and we will just try to do better because that is all we can do.'
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Anonymous said…
I really liked your post. I know how you feel. Reality is hard and it doesn't stop, but all you can is your best and you sure do. Once Max gets a little older it does help. Alex is a lot easier now.

My new moto is I am doing my best and that is all I can do. I love you!

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