Praise Him In The Storm

This has been another challenging month for me.  I feel like I am in a season of storms.  Through these storms my faith is being tested.  I am not sure what God has in store right now but all I can do is keep the faith and trust that he loves us so much and he knows the perfect plan for our lives.  We may not always understand why things are happening or not happening but God has a perfect plan.  I need to step back and take my hands off and trust that God will lead me.  This is something that is very hard for me to do as I am a planner and want to know exactly what the next steps are.  God is teaching me to be patient and let him take control.  As ironic as this sounds, this is all I can do right now.  The storms are out of my control and I have peace knowing that God knows exactly what he is doing and he is using these storms to toil my soil so a beautiful garden can grow.  The flowers will bloom after a hard rain.
As you can guess there are some changes taking place-work, Roman's schooling, finances, etc...  These changes seem real big to me right now because it is what I am going through...I know there are so many out there going through so much more.

I know we all go through these times in our lives and it truly feels like the end of the world.  Really?  Why do we put ourselves through this.  We are human-that's why.  We were made to question, wonder,  fear, worry, cry, and smile when it all works out in the end.  I am looking forward to the flowers growing and looking back and laughing at the storms that tried to kill them.

This month of course as also been filled with many adventures that HAVE put smiles on my face.  Roman and Daddy were able to go to the Monster Jam where they got to get autographs and meet the drivers.  We have made it to several local parks on the few days that the sun was shining.  Roman is enjoying school.  He got to take home 'Ricky the Raccoon' last week and write about their adventures in the journal.  He enjoyed doing this and it really helped him to see that 'letters and numbers' can be fun.  This is something that we have been struggling with.  We went to the museum with some friends. We enjoyed kite day at a local park and we actually got the kite to fly.  Max just enjoyed running around the field minus a few trips over kite strings.  We were able to go to a local park for an Easter Egg hunt.  Roman and Max were able to get a picture with the Easter Bunny.  I also was able to  meet Roman at school one day for their Easter party and egg hunt.  We had a 3rd Easter egg hunt here in the neighborhood.  Roman went to a birthday party where he was able to be a Ninja.  Let me add that he has some great Ninja moves even though he has had no official training.  Over all we enjoyed our Easter weekend-I am 'egg hunted' out though. We went to church and just hung out as a family.  I am so thankful that my children are growing up in a christian home where we teach them about our faith in God and show them what it looks like to live that out.  Roman has thanked God every night for dying on the cross and forgiving him of his sins.  This brings a smile to my face as he is already learning what it means to have faith.

Max is all over the place and is a terror.  He has no fear and is talking a lot.  We don't know what he says 90% of the time but he does have about 20 words that we do understand.  
I am currently on spring break and enjoying my time with the boys.  They love each other so much and it is hilarious to watch them interact.  I am so blessed that God chose me to be their mom.
We are looking forward to spring and the nicer weather.  It has seemed to take a long time to get here this year.
Before I end I want to encourage you to exercise your faith.  If we are all honest with ourselves we know that we are not in control.  We may not know now or ever know why things are or aren't but God is in control and things will always work out if we keep trusting him.  Closing your eyes and making a wish just won't cut it:)


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