Good Bye Summer!

Well, our summer is officially over.  We are back in the swing of school and work.  I have started the school year off on a good foot.  The positive vibe going on at my school is a nice change and my new kiddos seem great!  God knows I needed this positive change.

Roman has started school-I can't believe he is in Kindergarten.  It was a rough couple of weeks before he started.  He knew the changes were coming and had some anxiety.  He is much like his mom and needs to know how everything is going to work out before he becomes comfortable with it.  He gave us a hard time everyday with lots of tears when I had to drop him off at the babysitters.  There were days where I had to walk away with him crying my name and he had to keep a picture of me in his pocket.  Finally the day came to meet his teacher and go off to school on his own.  He was a little nervous but went with no tears.  Mom however did cry.  He now loves school and comes home with a big smile on his face everyday.  It is so cute to hear him walking around the house singing all the songs they do at school.  He is growing up!!!  He even brought home a book he made the other day and read it to me.  My heart melted.
Rick enjoyed a weekend with the guys.  They went to Virginia for a Nascar race.  I know he enjoyed himself.  Mom however just tried to get through the weekend:(
We have been spending a lot of our time outdoors with the neighbors.  The street is filled with kids and we have really become close with our neighbors.  The kids give us a run for our money but all in all they love each other.  I feel so blessed to live on this street and have the neighbors we have.  Especially when we have no family near us.

Max is in high gear everyday.  He is super sweet but goes for what he wants.  He is talking more and more each day and basically wants to do whatever his big brother is doing.  He is starting to use the potty thanks to Ms. Lora.  At his 18 month appointment he did not gain any weight but grew an inch.  I do feed the boy but I think he 'works it off' with all the running around he does.
Rick and I have been tested this last month with parenting.  I so wish there was a handbook or instructional manual for this.  Roman has been testing us and seeing how far he can push us.  He will get mouthy and not listen.  We are working on it and each day is a surprise.  We know this is just part of raising a child but it sure does take a toll on us.  Needless to say I am wiped out-emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially.  This is just another season in life when I need to keep the faith and keep my head up.  Some days are easy and I get to take a breath and enjoy my family.  Other days it is a struggle to find the joy.  I know we all have days like these but it is so hard when the light at the end of the tunnel is hard to see.  I am writing this to let you all know that life is not always as it seems and we all go through hard times.  Hopefully this will reassure some of you that you are not alone and also encourage me to 'keep on truckin'.  Writing my thoughts and sharing them is a way to release my feelings and let it go.
I know life is good and I have a purpose.  I need to remember to tell myself this and not let the negativity get in the way.  I need to remember my motto now more than ever-'When life gets you down, there is nowhere to go but up.'
Enjoy the August photos.


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