Highs and Lows

This past month has brought many highs and some lows.  Like most of you, life sometimes happens.  It is during these times that we choose how to handle the situations that arise.  I have always considered myself a pretty positive person but there are times when I struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  You may be wondering why I am starting this months blog off on a 'low'.  I am not one to bring others down with the lows in my life or the negative but I also feel that my lows and struggles may help others...just to know that they are not alone.
It all started at the end of preschool for Roman and the summer leading up to him going to Kindergarten.  He loved preschool and his teachers but something happened right before preschool was over.  He had a few rough days with behavior.  This behavior carried over into the summer.  He was very sensitive, never wanted to leave my site, and would misbehave more often than usual.  We realized that he was very anxious about going to Kindergarten.  Everyday leading up to school was a struggle.  As school started, he saw that school was not that bad and transitioned well.  He had a great Kindergarten year...up until about a month ago.  He started this behavior all over again.  It was like a side of Roman came out that we didn't understand.  He started getting into trouble at school and saying a lot of negative things about school.  After a little while, I realized we had gone through this about a year ago.  We discussed his anxiety with the doctor and we have had close communication with his teacher.  We tried a lot of different strategies to help him get through his day.  We have 4 days of school left so we are not out of the woods yet.  He is really struggling with big changes as he fears the unknown.  Unfortunately his only tools that he has to manage this anxiety is to act out.  We have done a lot of encouraging and tried to be comforting.  The behavior is unacceptable but I have learned that there is such a fine line of when too much punishment is just not the answer for something that someone is unable to control at the moment.  I have been angry many times that he has acted out, sad that he has to deal with this, and frustrated that I just don't have the answers.  He is finally starting to communicate more about how he is feeling so we are able to react appropriately.  I have struggled with this situation more because being a teacher I am looking at it from that view as well.  I have said to myself, "What kind of teacher am I when I can't even control my own child."  There is nothing I can do about life happening.  It is all about my perspective and the way I choose to act.  I know this is just a bump in the road for us and we will take one day at a time.  I tell you all of this because even though things seem out of control sometimes, they are just there to make us stronger and are preparing us for more.  When it comes to parenting, this has been a quote I will be trying to live up to. "Remember, you are not managing an inconvenience. You are raising a human being." -Kittie Franz

With all that being said, there were many highs this last month.  Rick and I were able to escape for a day and spent a day at Quail Hollow Golf Course for the Wells Fargo Championship. It was fun seeing Phil and being so close to someone who inspires many.  We celebrated a special birthday for our little friend Ellie, went strawberry picking, had many adventures to the pool, watched Frozen more times than I can count and participated in more shenanigans on our crazy street-which included a movie at night. The TV was hooked up and sat on the back of the truck.  It is definitely never a dull day around the CYW. I was able to get a girls night out and Rick was able to get a guys night out after celebrating our friend David's birthday.  We feel so blessed to have the friends we have in our lives.  Rick and I would rather have a few GREAT friends than a bunch of people who we could not spend quality time with.

Roman has said some pretty funny things this month.  He saw some trash on the ground and said, "Somebody was a glitter bug and they need to go green."  While going to a cleaning at the Dentist he said, "Do boogers give you cavities? I'm just wondering, I didn't eat any."  He saw some teenagers getting off the bus and said, "They are half kids and half adults." Today at the pool he was definitely doing the Frozen dance when Elsa sings Let It Go.  I asked him about it and he got shy and said he was just pretending to by an Ice Man.  I love this boy and despite the hard times he is sometimes giving us, I wouldn't change him for anything.  He teaches me more than he will ever know.

Max continues to amaze us everyday with his actions and things that he says.  He is obsessed with this stuffed animal Kitty Cat and carries it wherever he goes.  He is eating me out of house and home but yet remains a little peanut.  He is using the potty more and growing up way too fast.  He is so sweet and  my little snuggle monster.
Summer is right around the corner and many adventures lie ahead.  Rick and I have a 10 year getaway coming up and I will be traveling with the boys up North.  Summer time is always a great reminder of why I continue to stay in the teaching profession.  There's not too many reasons anymore:)
We hope you are all enjoying your start to the summer and remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.  The tunnel may be long sometimes but there is an end.  Stay strong and smile!
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