Summer Bucket List

'Bees a-buzzin', kissable dandelion fuzz...a drink in my hand...relaxing in the summer sun, just lettin' off steam...In summerrrrrrrrrrrrr!'
We started summer off by celebrating Roman as he graduated from Kindergarten.  We are so proud of his accomplishments and we know he will be great in first grade.  We took him to Frankie's for a treat that day and he had so much fun.  I think Rick and I had just as much fun as him.  We can't wait to go back.

I ended my 12th year of teaching.  I packed up the classroom and was able to celebrate with a night out with friends.
We took off to NY a few days after school let out.  It was an adventure that the boys and I took alone.  Thank God we have friends in Baltimore-half way, or this mama would not have made it.  My kids are just not that great for long car trips.  Thanks to crazy roads and GPS I at least got to show Roman some landmarks while driving through Washington.  After two long days of driving, we finally arrived at my parents.  The kids of course had a blast playing with their cousins, driving tractors and four wheelers, climbing trees, playing in the creek, riding a horse, baking apple pie, swimming, and just being free in the country.

Next month Rick and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary.  The first week of July we took a trip to Jamaica to celebrate.  We get away as a couple about every 4-5 years.  My brother and sister-in-law joined us there.  We had an AMAZING time.  The trip was so relaxing.  I grew up going to Jamaica so I was so excited to introduce the island to Rick so he could see first hand how beautiful the land and people are.  The boys did great with Nana and I know she enjoyed the time with them.

Our summer bucket list is getting things checked off daily.  Some of these things have included play dates with friends, going to the movies, lots of pool time, bike riding, splash pads, eating out, museums and so much more that we are looking forward to.
We continue to make great memories on our street.  We enjoyed a low country boil on Father's Day and this week we celebrated a friends birthday by doing a scavenger hunt around town.  It was so fun-not just doing it but watching the reaction of others.  We are a very lively street and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else for this stage of my life.  Last weekend our neighbors took the boys and I out on their boat for the day.  It was a nice treat and the first time for the boys.  They enjoyed swimming in the lake and Roman even was able to water board.

Rick has accepted a new job at a company that is near the house.  We have been waiting for this to happen for so long.  God knows the timing and I am thankful we were faithful and patient to wait for his plan.
Roman and I were talking about how Rick and I met. He said, "Well, maybe someday I'll be more into the love thing."
Max is doing great with potty training.  He is talking so much and is way smarter than we give him credit for.  The other day he walked up to me and said, "I sumpin' else."
The next two weeks Roman is off to summer camp during the day.  Having one child at home is so different.  I can't believe what I can accomplish.  Who knows what me and my little buddy will get ourselves into these next two weeks.
I hope you are all enjoying your summer!
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