Happy New Year!

I realize it has been way too long since I made a post.  So much has changed as most of you are aware but I figured I would write about it anyways…
This past summer we came home to New York for a visit.  I’m not sure what was in the air or what water I drank but things changed. After each visit home we are usually all ready to get back and say good bye.  Well, this time was different. It was so difficult to leave and I actually caught myself thinking that I wanted to move back:O On the drive home, I brought this up to Rick and to my surprise, he said he was thinking the same thing…WHAT??? From that moment on, our focus was on the logistics of how to make this move. I never thought I would move back to the North but you know what they say-Never say Never! It was awhile before we told anyone of our plan as we wanted to make sure it was going to happen. The biggest thing with making our decision was whether or not Rick would be able to keep his job and work from home. After a couple of weeks we got the OK for him to go. This was the beginning of the end of our time in the south. From that point on, we told our family and friends and started making plans for the move. We put the house on the market and 2 days later-BAM! It was sold!!!!!! So at the end of October, I said good bye to a career that I enjoyed for 14 years. We had to say good bye to so  many friends who became our family and this was the hardest part of it all. We transferred Roman to the school here and enrolled Max in a nursery school. My parents opened up an apartment which is connected to their house for us to live in. We have made this our home and the future is still up for question as to whether we will buy and build or buy and fix-up. As for now we are content and feel so blessed for this opportunity. 

There is nothing better than being with family (either good or bad), staying home and raising a child, and keeping a home. I never thought I wanted to be a stay at home mom but given this opportunity, I LOVE IT! I will be going back to work (not sure doing what) at some point. Max will be going to school in a year and a half so it might just be that long. 
The transition for the boys as been better than expected. Roman is doing awesome in second grade and is enjoying his new school. There is no fight for homework or reading and he actually asks to do it.  The one factor that I think helps is the fact that his school day is shorter since we are able to drop him off at the beginning of school and able to leave after school. He rides the bus home (about a 1 mile drive) and this schedule leaves him so much more free time during the day. Max really doesn’t understand and just goes with the flow. He does ask every now and than about our old house and if someone else lives in it. Roman has said he wants to move back-only because he was freezing and says he misses the warm weather. 

This move as given us so much freedom as far as our finances, time, and stress levels go. We have more family time and the days are much less stressful which makes for a happier home:) 
People have asked if I regret our decision to move or missing the south. The answer-NO! I am so at peace with our move and beyond excited about where this life change as brought us. However, I do miss our friends tremendously. They are friends who are irreplaceable and will remain friends for life. Distance will not change a thing-just more phone calls and texts instead of face to face. The other thing that we will never be able to replace is our Ms. Lora. She took care of our boys for almost 8 years and we can not thank her enough for being apart of their lives and helping us raise them. Now we just have to get her here for a visit.
Since we have been here our schedule has been pretty busy. Of course it took a couple of weeks to settle in-unpack, change insurance, figure out what was up or down, and all the other fun things that come along with moving. We have obviously spent a lot of time with family at birthday parties, holidays (Rick's turkey frying skills have once again been used), and get togethers. I have had girls nights out with my Francis girls and the boys have enjoyed being with their many cousins. We have already made some new friends and getting reacquainted with old friends.  Rick was able to hunt right out our front door and Roman was able to go with his sometimes. Roman got a dirt bike and this keeps him and Rick busy. We have been able to travel to Rochester and Syracuse to visit Rick’s family as well as they are right down the Thruway. Nana is able to get to us much quicker as well. Rick and I were able to take an adult trip to Boston with my brother and sister-in-law for 4 days. It was a blast and I’m sure there are many more trips in the future. We enjoyed Christmas at my parents-the first since we have had kids. Our family is so huge and family get togethers are always adventurous and loud. I would not change this for anything.

Over all as you can tell, we are very happy. The boys are happy and rambunctious as always, Mango is enjoying not being on a leash, and I am loving not having to go to work every morning. Rick is happy with his 1 minute commute and overall we are extremely blessed.

I hope to keep you posted more often. We hope you all are doing good and your new year is off to a great start.
Please click the link below to view photos from the past couple of months.


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