May the Force Be With You

2016 is in full swing!  Rick and I rung in the New Year with my brother and sister in law at their house. It was low key and we were out the door right after our New year’s kiss. It’s funny how as you get older, the nights get shorter:) We had a blast just relaxing while the boys were with Nana in Syracuse. My dad took out all the Francis ladies for breakfast. It was so nice and I know it was a highlight for him.

Roman celebrated his 8th birthday in style. Star Wars was the theme this year and ‘the force was with us’! It was nice to have our family here to celebrate with him as well as new friends. 
I ventured out with both boys one night to a movie night at Roman’s school. I think Max ate more snacks than he did watch the movie but they both seemed to enjoy themselves and we won the raffle!!!!!
We have slowly started going out to dinner again with the boys. This is something we don’t do often as those of you with young children know what it is like to be in a restaurant with kids. Max is getting better with sitting still but it is still going to be awhile before we go again…it’s still not as relaxing as I would want it to be to spend the money.
Max and I do get a lot of outings though while Roman is at school. He is my little helper with pushing the grocery cart and being my little back seat driver. His favorite stop is the car wash-which we go to a lot since living here on a dirt road. 
One night we went bowling with my sister and her family as well as my parents. It was a blast watching the kids try to roll the ball with no gutters and some of them actually beat the adults:) At least once a week we get to enjoy dinner with family and it is something we look forward to. I feel so blessed that my best friends are my family members and I get to spend so much time with them. This is one reason why we moved back and I am loving it.
The one special thing that I love is the surprises my kids often get from Grammy and Tractor Poppy. Whether it be a small piece of chocolate or something special they saw while they were out, it is something my kids look forward to. This is a memory I have from when I was little. My parents would always get us ‘surprises’ and I love that the tradition is continuing. It’s these little things that are putting a smile on my face.
Rick and I did get out one night this week with some new friends we have made. It was a blast hanging out at a local place and getting to know new people. Thank God for family and awesome grandparents who are always willing to babysit:)
Rick as usually has been keeping busy with work and we have both been on a new healthy journey since the new year. I am cooking waaaaay more than I ever have to prepare healthy meals and we both have been committed to working out each day. I know it is no secret, but it is amazing how much smoother your day goes when you feel healthy. It makes for a much happier person. 
The boys are crazy as always. Roman continues to love school and is always excited for the new adventures he is encountering. He was able to be a ‘cashier’ at their Books R US sale at school. He loved it and felt so proud! Max is doing great at nursery school and informs me that he never goes in time out:) He is learning to write his name and loves spelling M-A-X quite often. His vocabulary is advanced for his age, but he will often mix up words. The other day he said, ‘I’m so busy, I don’t know what to do.’ (He meant to say bored.) Another funny thing that he said was, ‘My belly hurts, I need something filthy to eat.”. (He meant to say healthy). I love all these little moments that I get to capture and write down. We often don’t slow down to take it all in and one day they are all grown up and our memories fade.

We are pleasantly surprised how the weather has been treating us since we have been here. I believe we have only received 5 inches of snow so far. Either we are in for a long February/March or we are getting away with a mild one…time will tell.
We hope your new year is off to a super start and it the words of Roman, “May the Force Be With You”!


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