Living the Dream!

April was an adventurous month with lots of small trips.  This month I definitely felt like I was 'living the dream'. I'm not sure what that statement really means to everyone, but to me it means that I get to go about my life happy and feeling satisfied. That is everyone's dream right???
I have felt so much more fulfilled since moving here which I have stated in earlier posts but it becomes more real when others notice as well. I have had numerous people tell me that through my pictures I post, I look happy and that my eyes show it:) It's ALL true!!!! I know that pictures can sometimes only portray the good times and makes things look like life is perfect. Well, my life is not perfect and we have moments of defeat but overall my life is nothing to complain about. My pictures show how blessed I feel and I choose to make these moments substantial...I mean, we only live once so make the best of it and forget the moments you feel defeated and focus on the positive.
Rick took a couple of weekends and took the boys to Rochester. They love being able to visit family and always have a good time. The New York State Thruway has become a constant on our bank account statements thanks to the tolls:)
I was able to hang out with friends (old and new) a couple of nights while Rick kept the boys. Being a stay at home mom is something I used to think I never wanted. I love working...well getting out of the house that is. I have truly enjoyed my time home with Max and meeting Roman off of the bus. However, there are moments that this Mama needs a break so I am lucky to have a husband who knows that and allows me MY time.

We enjoyed some April snow which the boys liked but I am still getting used to this northern weather again and would love to see sunny days again.

Rick and I took a trip with my brother and his wife to Burlington, Vermont for the weekend. We enjoyed visiting a brewery, walking the streets, and relaxing in the hot tub. We always have a blast with them and know this weekend is just the start to many more in the future.
Rick and I were able to get away one night to go to Syracuse for Rick's cousin's birthday. It was nice to have a night out without the kids and be around adults. The boys stayed back with Uncle Pops and Uncle Shell (I can explain why Aunt Michele is really called this if you are interested:)
The Emergency Room was also on my agenda this month...not once, but twice. The first visit was with my nephew who got a fishing hook stuck in his finger after fishing with Roman for the day. I now know how to remove a fishing hook for the next time this happens. The second trip was for my niece who goes to school at New Paltz and she was not feeling well and needed a little extra care. My sister in law and myself ventured down there to give her comfort:)

As far as the fishing goes...Roman has been doing some with his cousin Turner. He loves it and has caught a few big ones. Just another reason why I am so happy to have my children back here. They have opportunities that they would not get back in NC.
My boys get to help cut firewood, play in the creek, catch frogs, take tractor rides, watch Tractor Poppy's hay grow, bake with Grammy, play with cousins, do "man work" with Uncle Pops, take short drives down the NY Thruway to see family, and spend so much more time at home. These are things I am not bragging about but simply appreciating.  Being here works for us as a family. The more I watch the news and see what is going on in our world (near and far) I love being near family, away from the hustle and bustle to focus on what matters to us.

As much as I can't stand the state that our country is in from so many perspectives, I still enjoy visiting our Nation's Capitol. This is exactly what Roman and I were able to do this past weekend. We spent the weekend with my brother, sister in law, and nephew in DC visiting all the landmarks, spending a day at Six Flags, and making a stop in Baltimore to visit Uncle Chris. It was a weekend of firsts for Roman-first roller coaster, first trip to DC, first Metro ride, first Uber ride, and first time eating calamari. It was a fun trip for all of us. Roman's saying for the weekend, "I don't even know what that means, but it's funny!"
Rick was with Max in Rochester while we were away. They enjoyed time with Nana and Uncle Matt and even got to visit the Seneca Park Zoo.
Rick has his motorcycle back on the road, flowers have been planted, and winter clothes have been put away. We are looking forward to a great New York spring!
Enjoy our April Photos


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