MAY the force be with you!

I can't believe it has been 8 months of being Northerners again. I often feel like I never left and this has always been home. It is becoming such a distant memory of the days of go, go, go and feeling like a Jedi hoping the force was always with me to get through the day. (Excuse the Star Wars talk...I am living with a child obsessed with it:) All jokes aside, I am so glad to have this change of life style. 

I am keeping busy with many things but it is at a much slower pace and we are enjoying it.
This past month we celebrated with friends and family at a couple different birthday parties. I love that we get to attend them all and that the boys are involved with the family. That was the hardest thing about being away...knowing that my boys did not have what I had growing up-family near by, attending family functions, watching each other grow up and building relationships that last a lifetime.  We do miss our friends so much and the boys still talk about memories they made in NC. A part of their heart will always be there (as well as mine too).

I was able to join Roman and his class on a field trip to the Science museum. I had to ride the bus with the class which was strange as I was not the teacher. I had to keep from thinking like a teacher and just enjoy being a mom. Roman's school also put on a mother/son picnic one night at the park. We had fun eating, playing, and I was able to meet some of the other moms. In Roman's class they have been working on poetry in the month of May and they put on a poetry cafe. It was so sweet listening to all of their poetry and I am so proud of Roman and all the accomplishments he has made this year. The sweetest thing that morning was when I was reading through his poetry book and his dedication page-he had dedicated his poems to Mrs. Vanpatten (his current teacher) and Ms. Harris (his teacher in NC). It just showed that my boys have always been looked out for wherever we have been and for that I am so truly grateful. 

At Max's preschool they had a little get together for the moms for Mother's Day. They sang songs, had snacks, and made us a cute little poem. Max said in his poem that I was 7 years old, loved to clean the house, and my favorite food was corn. So Cute!!!!
The weather has been great this month besides a few rain storms. We have attended many of my nephews baseball games, played at the park, worked on the yard, watched Tractor Poppy's hay grow, gone fishing, and played endless amount of hours outside. Max learned to ride his bike without training wheels. It took him no time at all and he was so proud of himself. 

The boys have been doing a lot of fishing. Max also caught his first fish this month as well as myself. I actually enjoy it but am still not at the point where I can add the worm or touch the fish.

As a family we went to Rochester for a weekend. We took a day and went to Niagara Falls, Canada with Nana. It was Max's first trip out of the country. WOOHOO! We enjoyed a fun lunch at Rainforest Cafe, riding the Sky Wheel, looking at the falls and walking though Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.

This past weekend we went camping with my brother and his family. The camp is on the Hudson River and it is gorgeous there. Despite no plumbing, we enjoyed ourselves. We enjoyed fishing, swimming, kayaking, campfires, and just relaxing in the outdoors. I am sure there is more camping in the future.

We also like to go hiking. This month we went hiking with my brother, sister in law, and nephew. We hiked up Vroman's Nose mountain. It is a complete drop off when you get to the top. It was fun but a little nerve wrecking being up there with two kids.
We celebrated Memorial Day here with my parents. Rick and Max went into town to watch the parade. After the parade, we had a big neighborhood picnic at my parents. As a tradition, my dad took us all on a hay ride which the kids love as he gives them all turns helping him drive the tractor. Unfortunately, I had to take Roman to Urgent Care that morning as he was not feeling well. Thank God it wasn't anything serious and the day turned around and we all enjoyed ourselves.
Like I said, I am keeping busy even though I do not have a job currently. For one, being a stay at home mom is work as well as keeping up with the house. I have had time though to do some things that I enjoy. Decorating and organizing have always been a hobby of mine and I have taken full advantage of my surroundings and time off to do more of it. I have actually started another blog dedicated to this hobby of mine. You might want to check it out.
I love sharing what I love and hopefully I can inspire others to delve into their passion, whatever it may be. Who knows what the future holds but follow your dreams and they can come true. MAY the force be with you!


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