Now that summer is here, we all have a little more freedom! The days of getting up early, going to bed late, fighting with homework, and making lunches are over....for the next two months anyway.

Roman ended second grade and we are so proud of his accomplishments this year. He has truly found the love of learning and he is anxiously waiting for 3rd grade. He told me today that he was a little worried for 3rd grade. This was a great opportunity for me to talk to him about enjoying the moment, and not to worry about what might come.

Max ended nursery school and he will be off to pre-k in the fall. He made some sweet friends and we are looking forward to some play dates. He has also learned so much. He is writing his name on his own, counting to 40 (a few numbers are skipped here and there), says his alphabet, and asks more questions than I have answers for. He has been my little snuggle bunny in the mornings as we are more relaxed now.
There were some early fireworks in the month. It was nice to not have to beat a crowd and enjoy the fireworks only 2 miles from home. I'm glad we went as I am not sure we will get to any on the 4th as Roman will be at summer camp (more to come on that next month).

We have enjoyed doing some hiking and checking out some of the trails around here. Max is working on his stamina as he is a little too big to carry for very long. I love that we get to enjoy the outdoors and also get some good exercise. The boys love to find treasures while walking.
There was one scary thing this past month that made us all stop and count our blessings. My dad was outside and passed out. He hit his head and was taken to the hospital. He was cleared of any injuries but they kept him over night for observation. All in all, they said he was a very healthy man. He did not like the hospital stay but it was a good break for him. It didn't take him but a few minutes that he was back in the tractor seat as soon as he returned home. I am thankful for strong parents, healthy family, and many more years to enjoy all the goodness that encompasses our family.
Another great thing about summer is that my older nieces are home from college. I was able to have a fun little girls night out getting our nails done and enjoying a dinner out. I love being an aunt and now that they are older, we have shifted to a friend relationship. My one niece graduated college and I am so proud of the path she is on.
Roman attended his first 'concert'. We went to a local park and enjoyed some music from a local band called Moonshine Junkies. He had fun and was able to meet the band and get a few pictures.
I was able to attend a real concert with some family and friends. We spent a few hours at a food truck rodeo in Saratoga Springs and than headed over to Dixie Chicks. They are not my favorite band but I am always up for a trip and summer concerts are so fun.

The boys have been having a blast on the farm. The last couple of weeks was the first cut of hay. The boys enjoyed taking tractor rides with Tractor Poppy as he taught them a little about how it is all done. Roman also learned how to put the hay in the barn. He told my dad that he wanted to learn to be a farmer. The bails weighed more than him but he didn't give up and managed to get some moved. I even got to throw around a few...yeah, I will leave that work for the boys. Max tried to work with the hay but it got the better of him. As he was just standing there watching, a bail feel and made him hit his head on the hay wagon. It left quite a bump and he had a black eye for a little while. Like my dad says, you can't become a farmer without getting a little beat up.

We ended the school year by kicking off summer with a party. We had an outdoor movie, water play, and snacks. The kids all enjoyed themselves and I loved seeing the excitement on their face. Of course no party goes off without any problems but we won't mention them...focusing on the positive:)

Rick will turn 40 on July 6 but we had an early birthday party for him this past weekend. It was suppose to be a surprise but as he entered (to the theme song from Rocky) he said he had an idea that this was a party for him:( Regardless that he knew, it was fun to celebrate him and to get the family together. Since we have been gone for 13 years we have not been able to spend any of our birthdays with family. We watched Rocky (his favorite movie) outside and enjoyed popcorn from the machine
 ( I rented this time as the summer party taught us that popcorn goes very quick in our family).
I have been having a blast exploring the barns and working with my dad to sort through all the items that have been tucked away for years. I love to see the beauty in these old dirty objects. A little love, soap, and imagination can turn anything beautiful again. I will be posting about some of my finds as I go along on my other blog www.lifeoneverflowingsprings.wordpress.com. I have also been posting a lot of pictures on Instagram as I document this new found hobby I actually have time for. Our life here in Overflowing Springs has brought me so  much peace.
We hope you are enjoying your summer! Enjoy the photos from the past month. June Photos


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