Soccer, Swimming, and Surprises!

We have had a fun filled summer so far. The one great thing about being in New York during the summer is the weather. It is much cooler here which allows for more outside time without the exhaustion of the humidity.

We started off the month with Max playing soccer. He is doing a great job and I am so proud of how hard he plays and never gives up. He is called the MVP of the team with making the most goals.

Roman went off to camp for a whole week. This was the first time he was away from us without being with family. He was able to be in a cabin with his cousin and they had horse riding lessons daily. At the end of the week we were invited to a 'Rodeo'. His part of the show was to ride a sheep...or at least try. He did not make it far but he was brave enough to try. He said he wants to go back again next year. I am so excited that he loved it as going to summer camp is one of my favorite memories of my childhood. When we picked him up, he said, "I didn't brush my teeth all week because I couldn't find my bathroom bag. But don't worry, I found it today so I'll brush tonight." Got to love boys!

While Roman was at camp, we took Max to the fireworks. He loved watching them. It was nice to get a little one on one with him and spoil him...just a little:)

Rick celebrated his 40th birthday on July 6th. It's funny how 40 used to sound so old but now 20 sounds so young.  We had a second surprise party for him in Rochester with his family. We were able to pull it off and he enjoyed all the attention:)
The boys stayed in Rochester for a week with Nana. She of course spoiled them with shopping, amusement parks, movies, dinner, swimming, arcade, go karting and visiting other family. It was a nice, relaxing week here with just Rick and I. He of course had to work but I was able to sleep in some and get some projects done as well as help my parents around the farm.
Speaking of working around the farm, we have been keeping busy. I have been helping my parents clean out different buildings of so many antiques that have been in our family. I have been blessed to be able to have my pick at some and use them in my home. I love the history and bringing these old things back to life again. I also help keep up with the yard work and any other odd jobs that need to be done.
I took a short trip to Buffalo with my sister in law and niece. We were apartment hunting as my niece graduated from Nursing School in Buffalo and is starting a new job. It was fun to watch her and her friend start a new chapter of their life. For just a moment, I was a little jealous...that I thought for another moment and realized there is no way I want to start over:) I love being able to be involved with family more, especially as they are all growing up and time is not slowing down.
I am trying to keep the kids busy during the day. The one thing that is harder here is that with neighbors farther apart, you can't just go outside and find a friend. It take a little more planning so they are learning to be  more creative. We have been able to swim some at my brothers house which is good because we really miss out pool back in Cary:( The one day, Roman and his cousins set up a yard sale at the end of their driveway. It was so cute to see them set up stuff that they wanted to get rid off. The also set up a lemonade stand. Let me tell you that they have patience and hopeful spirits. Let me set the was set up at the end of a dirt road in the country. Maybe 10 cars went by in 2 hours. They each made $1 and that was from me for all their hard work. They never complained. I guess the anticipation of a car stopping was enough to keep them entertained:)

This past weekend we went to Enchanted Forest Water Safari in Old Forge, NY. We spent the day there with my brother and his family. We rode just about all the water slides and Max even was able to go down a pretty big one by himself. The best part of the day was when 2 of Rick's best friends from childhood surprised him and met us there. We had this planned but it was a complete surprise to him. The 3 of them are totally like the 3 stooges and no amount of time or distance apart keeps them from their amazing friendship. Before they left town, we were able to get out for some drinks and darts and they met up with another buddy of theirs who is from this area. All in all, Rick had a great weekend with his friends and I am glad I was able to make this happen. His friends are family and we love them dearly.
August is upon us and we will make the best of it. Most of our friends back in NC will be heading back to school but for us, we don't need to think about that until after Labor Day:)
We hope you are all enjoying your summer!
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