End of Summer

Yesterday was the last day of summer:( Not sure if that is official or just the mark of the end of summer as school is starting and we are back to a routine. Nonetheless, this has been an amazing summer and so many memories were made.
This month the boys had another week with Nana in Rochester. They spent time swimming, going to amusement parks, playing with cousins, going to the movies, and watching the olympics. After I dropped them off I was able to go to Buffalo with my sister in law to visit my niece who moved there for a job. It was a fun girl's weekend filled with dinner out, movies, pedicures, and shopping.

Rick and I were able to attend the county fair here while the boys were away. It was nice to be able to walk around at our own pace. Of course the fair food was delicious and we even got to feed a giraffe. It was so nostalgic taking Rick to this fair as it was the one I grew up going to. I had so many memories and to be able to now share that with my family is neat. It's funny how you forget a lot of your childhood until you are back in that setting. I appreciate this town more now than when I grew up here. I already see my children taking so much more advantage of living here than I feel I did.

Rick and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. We had a nice dinner out at a fancy restaurant and than had a romantic walk down the grocery store aisles:)

A couple weeks ago were able to go to Lake George out on a boat with some friends. Unfortunately their boat had a problem within the first couple of minutes so we had to jump ship and hang out with the rest of their family on another boat.  The boat was crowded but we still had a good time and was able to enjoy each others company and the sunshine. We spent the night there and the boys were taken on a jet ski ride and Roman paddle boarded for the first time. It didn't take him long and he had the hang of it. We are so thankful to have made some friends. It is so much harder as you get older to make new friends when you are in a new place...well new enough:)

This past weekend we took the boys camping up by Old Forge in the Adirondacks. It was fun and we managed to stay warm even though the nights were a lot cooler than here. We definitely decided to invest in some sort of air mattress though because the hard ground is just not going to work anymore. The kids slept great but I needed a nap to catch up on my lack of sleep:( We went on a beautiful hike up a mountain. It was a hard hike as you had to do quite a bit of walking up large rocks. The boys did great and hiking is one of our favorite things to do as a family. I just love the photos I capture of our feet as we go on each hike:)
I have managed to stay quite busy lately. I feel like I am wearing many hats. I am helping my brother with some paperwork for his tree business, doing yard work for my parents-including unloading 10 wagons of hay:), and recently I have started watching a little girl a couple times of week and for the next two months, I am working at the bank part time collecting taxes. All of these little jobs help me stay home with my boys but at the same time be able to bring a little bit of money into the home.

Speaking of being busy and working...Roman is a machine. He loves working and will spend hours weed wacking, unloading hay, mow with the push mower, or ride in the tractor doing hay for hours. He is definitely not afraid of work and I love watching him blossom into such a great little man.

Max finished soccer this past month. I am so proud of him and really surprised at how great he is at it. He loves running and is very athletic...it helps that he has so much energy. I signed the boys up for a fall soccer league which will start soon.
The boys start school on Thursday and it is so bitter sweet for me. I can't believe Roman will be in 3rd grade and Max will be starting pre-K which he goes every afternoon all week. I no longer have babies (not that I miss that stage) but it is also sometimes scary to watch how fast time flies.
I continue to be in awe of how I feel so at home here. I would make the decision to move back here so many times over. Next month will be one year. I feel I have truly discovered myself being back here and it causes me to be a better mom and wife. I am beyond blessed!!!!

Enjoy our photos from the past month. Click Here


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