Fall is Here!

September is over and we are another month closer to the end of the year. Where has this past year gone? Time seems to be going a lot faster lately...hopefully because we are having fun:)

The boys started back to school the beginning of the month. Max is in Pre-K and Roman is in 3rd. Max is super excited to get to go to the 'big school' with his brother and he gets to ride the bus home. He goes 5 days a week but is only in the afternoon session so I still get a lot of time with him in the mornings. Roman loves his teacher and has some friends in his class that he knew last year. I can't believe the jump that 2nd to 3rd took with math and what is required. He is doing good though and still loves to learn...just not always the challenge:/ Max absolutely loves school and is learning a lot of songs, as he is singing just about every minute.
I have been working at the bank this past month and will continue there until the end of October. I am the tax collector for the school and work about 12 hours a week. The mornings I go, Max stays with my mom. Every morning he keeps asking me if I have to go to the bank. He has become so used to me being home and I know he has appreciated this time with me as much as I have. I am trying to cherish these days and make memories that we can all look back on and know we made the right decision.

Our town had a little carnival a couple weeks back. The kids rode some rides, fed some animals, and won some goldfish. The boys were so excited to bring them home. Roman's fish (Bobby) is going strong but Max's fish (Billy) did not make it very long. I did get him a new one and 48 hours later it was gone as well. He cried for about a second but was intrigued with the concept of flushing them down the toilet. He is now on his 3rd fish and so far so good.
Both boys are playing soccer twice a week in a little league in our town. Max absolutely loves it and is very good. We will definitely keep him going. Roman is liking it as well and hopefully we can keep him going too. He tends to get bored with sports though a lot faster than Max. Max will literally wake up and ask to play soccer or baseball several times a day. Roman loves his dirt bike and hunting...he did catch a bird and porcupine so far.

Fall is here and the weather is changing. The air conditioning as been shut off and the heat is slowly coming on. The nights and mornings are cool but the day still brings some sunshine. The fall clothes have been brought out. This is actually my favorite time of the year. I absolutely love it here in NY this time of year. It is so beautiful and there is so many fun fall activities to do around here. We have gone raspberry picking where I made jam for the first time. We have started collecting leaves and plan to go apple picking. The fall activities have just begun.

Rick and I were able to get away for a weekend to Baltimore to celebrate a friends 40th birthday. The boys stayed back with Nana. We ate out, walked around downtown Baltimore and enjoyed some laughs with friends. It is so nice we get to do these types of things now that we are closer to family and friends.
I continue to keep the house running, enjoying some DIY projects here and there, helping out my parents, unloading hay wagons, and just plain enjoy my life. I heard someone say that their life is no longer 'busy' but 'full'. This is exactly how I feel. The hustle and bustle is over and I never want to return to it. I like the feeling of my life being 'full'. 'Full' of making memories, living more simply, enjoying time with friends and family, and appreciating the little things more. It's funny how when you change your mindset, your whole being can change. The sight of a cow, colorful leaf, my boys running around outside, or a homemade cookie made by my mom brings me so much more joy than it ever would of in the past. For this I am nothing but grateful and blessed!
Here is one thing from each of the boys that I thought was funny and stuck with me this past month. Roman was talking about growing up and having kids and he said, "When I have kids, will you become my Grandma?" Max was in the car with me the other day and asked me who he was going to marry. I said I did not know yet. He said, "Well, I hope I find out soon who I am going to marry". I love reflecting on these funny things they say. These are moments that so many of us will never remember. I want to remember it all!
I hope you are all enjoying your start to the fall season. 



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