Merry Christmas!

It is the last month of 2016...where has this year gone?!? This was a pretty laid back month for most of it. The weather has turned colder and we have spent a lot more time in the house.

We started off November with a trip to our Town Hall where the boys were able to vote with me. I was so proud to share this amazing right that we have as an American citizen. Needless to say, that was a very long day. Thanks to the very long ballot counting process, I had a late most of you probably did too.
One Saturday morning we headed over the boy's school for a pancake breakfast. It is so nice to have little things like this to do and share in activities with our community.
Rick has been doing some hunting but hasn't had any luck yet...oh well!
I always like to get a jump start on the Christmas shopping so of course I finished it already. Now, the wrapping...this is the part I hate. This year was kind of tough because they only asked for a few things but most of them were pretty expensive. I guess this is what I have to look forward to as they get older.

Thanksgiving was a fun weekend. The night before we went out to Red Robin which is one the kids favorite places to go. We had our best friends from Baltimore come into town to be with us. We ate, drank, and were merry! Oh...and built a snowman. Friendships like this hard to come by and we are so thankful for them.

We all ate Thanksgiving dinner at my parents...I think there were about 27 of us. Rick of course fried his turkey has he has always done for the past 10 years. And in keeping up with tradition, he wore his Yankee t-shirt. Nana joined us that weekend as well. The day after Thanksgiving a bunch of us went out to dinner at Dinosaur BBQ (one of our favorites). Nana took to the boys to get bikes as an early Christmas present.
We did get a little snow storm and received about 5 inches of snow. The boys had fun sledding even though it was so windy and very cold.

Christmas is in full swing at our house. The house is decorated, tree is up, and Charlie (our elf) has returned. He has been pretty laid back so far but we never know what he is going to get into. It is still fun for the boys to look for him each morning but the whole 'Charlie is watching and reporting to Santa' doesn't quite work the way I wish:/ It's a fun tradition we have though and I wouldn't have it any other way. The most important thing is that we have fun, make memories, and remember the real reason why we celebrate.
We are off to Disney on Sunday which I am so excited about. The boys know we are going but they think it isn't until January. I can't wait to surprise them Sunday morning. Christmas at Disney...what can be more magical!!!!
We have decided not to send Christmas cards this year. One being that we are saving money but also because we never had pictures taken. So consider this your Christmas card and know we truly hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I just know 2017 is going to be a good one!!!!

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