Through the Eyes of a Lion

 Playdates, snowstorms, birthday parties, and time with family is what this past month was all about.
March did not leave us without dumping a bunch of snow first. This was the most snow I have seen in a very long time and the most snow my children have ever seen. At first it was fun for them but as the snow just kept falling and falling they got tired of it. They were troopers though with helping to shovel as it was a never ending battle to keep things clear. Needless to say, we had to spend a lot of our time inside the house again. This comes with many struggles. We have limited space in our current house so tensions would run high sometimes. We all were definitely going a little 'stir crazy'. We made it through though and this is the part I want to focus on for this months blog.
   This month has had many challenges when it comes to parenting, trusting the future, and being patient for things that what we thought needed to be done yesterday. I had to dig deep to make it through and challenge my attitude and my reaction to it all. YES...there were many times I lost it and said and did things I should not have done but in the moment the 'overwhelmingness' took over. It's always after the fact when you can reflect that you realize there is always a better way of doing things.
Here are a few lessons I learned and hope to continue to work on as the journey is not yet over.
Parenting: This is a task that was given to me because I can handle it. There will be times (moments) that seem impossible to get through because there is no answer of 'how to do it right'. I am the mom that Roman and Max were given and I need to do my very best even when they are being 'Impossible'. My goal is to train them up in the way that they should go, but at the end of the day...they have the choice of what they will do. I will continue to work on showing love and not losing my cool and pray that one day this (the moments of hardship) will all just be a distant memory. I have entrusted my boys in God's hands and I am holding on to the fact that he will give me the patience, wisdom, and love that THEY need.
Future: Call it trusting the future or better yet Faith in a God who has my best interest in mind. His ways are way better than my ways. He has such an amazing path for me and even though I don't always see which way to go, I can trust that I will eventually find it. Patience does not come easy to  me when it comes to making decisions. When I am not able to make those decisions I feel helpless. I will continue to live day by day and not worry for tomorrow. I know he has a plan and I want ONLY what he has for me.
     I am choosing to look at life through 'The Eyes of a Lion'. (This is based off of a message that was spoken at church.) 

A lion's eyes can see so much further than a human eye. When you look at a Lion's eyes you will see a white patch under their eyes. This attracts light to enter their eyes. Just like a camera, the more light you have the clearer the picture. A lion doesn't receive more light in their eye than we as humans do but they take advantage of the light. This is exactly what I want to do. I want to look to the future as a way of guiding my today. I want my decisions today to be a reflection of what I want the future to hold. So, when I discipline my I doing it for relief in the moment or am I looking at it in a way that will shape their future? When I am trying to make a decision for the future that is not yet ready am I doing it for satisfaction in this very moment or will I be patient for the right answer that will impact my future for the better? These are the questions I need to stop and ask myself...maybe we all can benefit from asking these questions.
   Now that you know exactly what has been on my heart and mind this past month, I will get back to talking about some GREAT moments that did happen this month. The good always outweighs the bad.

   The boys each had their yearly physicals. They are both growing on tract but still remain on the lower end of the percentages. They are both doing great academically in school. Roman has really stepped up and we were so proud of his last report card. Max is soaking in everything he learns in pre-school and he is super excited that we just received his Kindergarten paperwork in the mail.
   Max spent an evening at his school with Dad to see a movie and Roman and I were able to go see Beauty and the Beast (my absolute favorite movie). I was able to join my Dad as well as all the other girls in the family for a breakfast at Cracker Barrel. This is a tradition he started last year. He treats us all (18 of us) to breakfast and this year we were all able to do a little shopping at the gift shop. He is truly an amazing dad and grandfather and am so blessed to have him as my Daddy. We have gone swimming a few times at the gym, Roman attended a basketball and woodworking workshop through his school, and Max and I spent some time at a local fun house called Billy Beez. Rick and I also got a impromptu date night where we enjoyed sushi, a trip to Starbucks, and ended it with a small group from church that we have been meeting up with.
   A new month is here and I want to make more  GREAT memories. I want to learn how to embrace the porcupine called life. I want to live for today but look to the future. I want to live life 'Through the Eyes of a Lion'.


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