June Rainbows!

The saying, 'Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms' has been the motto of this past month.
We have seen so much rain this past month and just when I need it the most, a rainbow appears. It reminds me that there is beauty in the midst of the storm and keeps me going to fight through another battle.

The house is coming along but it seems for every 2 things accomplished another thing appears that is unexpected. I guess that is expected though. We are thrilled that in just a couple of months so much work as been done and at the end we will be blessed to live in a beautiful home. It will all be worth it...so they tell me:)

This past month Rick and I took a night and went to Syracuse to celebrate his aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. It was nice to have some adult time and also celebrate such a happy occasion.
Max ended baseball and both the boys are now playing summer soccer. Sports is everything to them right now and this Mom is getting used to the constant shuttling to and from games and smelly socks!!!

The boys have finished up school but not before some fun field trips were had. Max graduated from Pre-K and was so excited to sing with his class at the graduation. He loves to sing and sings so much to the point where we have to tell him to take a break.  Right now, 'This Land is Your Land' is his favorite and actually knows all the words. Max is so excited for Kindergarten and Roman is excited that another school year is over in general:) Roman (who just finished 3rd grade) has his first crush. He is so cute as he talks about this girl often and even made a special gift for her. As these things are happening I am realizing just how fast they are growing up and soon these days will be just memories.

Now that summer is finally here we have had some fun nights with family cook outs, campfires, and just enjoying each others company. My dad has started the hay season and of course we all get involved unloading wagons. It is a family affair and I love that my boys get to experience all the hard work that goes into the farm as well as have a glimpse of what it was like when I grew up.

We took the boys to a baseball game for a local team here in Albany. There were other families from the boys school there so they had fun seeing their friends and Rick and I actually got to sit in peace and not chase around children. It was a beautiful night. There is nothing better then sitting under the big lights in the summer watching games. The boys and I have had some movie dates since school has let out and we have also enjoyed some hiking at local trails around us.

After almost 10 years we have decided that it was time for a new car. I had put 200,000 miles on my Murano and it had served its purpose. So, Rick was able to take a day off work and we went on a date to buy a car and enjoyed lunch together. I am one lucky girl to have him to go through life with.
As I write this, I now realize that the rainbows truly outweighed the thunderstorms. I am remembering all these special little moments that have happened this month but struggle to remember what the thunderstorms even were.

So just remember that the rain has to come to see the rainbow!
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