January 74Th

So, we are now in the middle of the longest winter I can remember. I mean it honestly feels like January 74th. The cold and snow came so early this year and there are still small piles of snow in the yard and we are one week into April. All I can say is that when spring and summer do show up, we will appreciate it more...at least that is what I will make a conscious effort to do.
We have tried real hard this past month to keep active and do stuff as the cabin fever was kicking in real bad:)

 The boys had their yearly checkups and continue to grow upward but their lbs. are hard to come by...I guess one day that won't be a problem as we all know what happens as we get older. Max did not pass the vision screening that was given so we had to take him to an appointment for a full eye exam. It turned out his eyes are perfect and he has no need for glasses. He was excited for this news as he was not happy about getting glasses. While we were there, they dilated his eyes. When I took a picture of his eyes for him to see his pupils he got teary eyed and said, "So my eyes will no longer be blue?"

We continue to push through with school. Max absolutely loves it and is doing amazing. Roman is getting by and that is just something we deal with. He does not enjoy school but thank God never complains about going. All we pray for is that he does his best. Every child has their strengths and weaknesses but it is how we push through that makes the difference. It is sometimes hard because as parents we compare our children with other children. This is something that is not healthy and we need to look at each child as an individual. My boys are very different but if we focus on them and what makes them their own unique person I can than help them be a successful person.
We received a Flat Stanley in the mail from a friend. This is a fun project that is done in most schools. The boys had fun taking Flat Stanley around and putting together a small project that we sent back to their friend. It is a great way to learn about different parts of the world.
This past month we have eaten out way too much...well the budget says that but not me as it was less time I had to spend in the kitchen;) Max and Rick went to Syracuse for the weekend for their cousin's baptism. We also had more birthdays this month to attend with family. Spirit week was the week before spring break and the boys enjoyed a crazy hair day and sports apparel day.
The boys are now on Spring Break. We enjoyed a good Easter attending church and a family dinner at my parents. There were no plans to go out of town this week so we made the best of what we could staying home. The boys enjoyed some time at a trampoline park, a local aquarium where they both were able to have many hands on experiences, eating out, and playing lots of board games and basketball. We joined the YMCA so swimming and basketball is always on the schedule.

Rick and I did get a night out at a comedy club. Making time for each other is sometimes hard but it is so important to keep 'dating' no matter how long you have been together.
I continue to sub and have started applying for some teaching jobs. It is definitely not an easy task but I am persistent and I know there is something out there for me. There is a plan for my life and although that plan is not always revealed, I will continue seeking and having faith that I will end up exactly where I am suppose to be. Our pastor said, "If God met all our expectations he could not exceed them." This is something I am believing for. We may find ourselves in the crossroads and not know which way to go. The doors may all seem to be closed and what we think needs to happen just isn't working out. I know my ways are nothing compared to what God has for me. He is preparing me for things that I can not fathom. So until that door opens, my faith is being expanded.
The snow is falling, the wind is blowing, but the sun is still shining.
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