The ABC's of May

Another month of fun, filled with all things from A-Z. Just a fun fact for you all…one of my hidden talents is saying the alphabet backwards. My students think it is so funny how I can say it so fast and they have been practicing it themselves at home. I mean, I always hoped to leave an impression on my students but never expected to have this be my legacy with this class
Baseball is in full swing! Max has a couple games each week. He loves the game and has an awesome swing…definitely something to ‘bat’ your eyes at

Chickens grow fast and become very smelly! Not sure if you knew that but we discovered that this past month. We had the baby chicks for almost two weeks. One morning they started to escape so to the farm they had to go. Max was pretty upset when he returned from school and they were gone. Maybe one day we will get more and be able to keep them but for now, our dining room is not a good home for growing chicks that smell.

Dirt…lots of it. We had 8 yards of dirt delivered to patch some holes in the yard. Shoveling the dirt one wheel barrow full at a time is tiring. It’s funny out much we spend on things that are free in nature. I mean, is dirt, grass, and water really free?!? Needless to say, we hope for green grass sometime to appear and although it is tiring work, my biceps will thank me later. Along with the dirt, we have added some mulch and flowers and the outside is coming along but still a work in progress. 
Enjoying myself on Mother’s Day was pretty easy as I got a little time to myself to get my nails done. The kids had cards for me and Rick made sure that the day went smoothly. Not only did I get to show some appreciation to my mother but I was shown appreciation by my children. Motherhood is no joke but somehow it is the most amazing job we will ever have.
Field trips every week seem to be the new norm. Both the boys have had field trips and have more in the next couple of weeks. Max went to see Cat in the Hat play which I was able to go, and on another day he went to the museum and planetarium. He was so excited to tell us all about what we saw in the sky that night. Roman went to the Erie Canal and is headed to some museums and parks in the future. I was not able to make any of his field trips this year but he is almost at the point where he doesn’t ‘need’ mom around:/

God has a plan even before a problem happens. This is something I heard in church and it reminded me that faith is so important and although it can be hard, we can be encouraged that God knows what he is doing. This is such a silly story and small problem compared to what others are going through but it made me realize that God cares for all problems-big and small. So the other day we ran out of water. Our well pump needed to be replaced. Well my very first paycheck from going back to work arrived the same week and was almost the exact amount that was due for the repair of this well pump. I just chuckled because God knew my first check was going to pay for this. Even though I was not that pleased that we had this problem, I was grateful that we had the money to pay for it when we did.
Happy Birthday was sang a few times this past month. Birthdays this past month included my nephew, sister, sister-in-law-, and a few friends. It’s a good thing I like to PARTY!!!!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Being that the weather has been very warm and we have a market that is only a 30 second walk away, ice cream has been a staple in the boys diet. I grew up with ice cream always in the freezer and it was just as important to have in the house as milk or eggs. I don’t always have it in our house (as I will eat way too much of it) but it is something we definitely love to partake in.
Just in case you didn’t know, I love taking pictures. So, here a few from this past month. And don’t forget to check out the link at the bottom to view all of them from the past month.

Kindness is such an important trait to have and there have been a few examples of how I have seen my boys show kindness this past month. Sometimes as parents we question whether our kids ‘are really getting’ what we teach but I have seen a few glimpses so I want to share. While out and about, Roman saw a flier for a lost dog. He asked if we could drive around to look for it. He was concerned that it might be hungry and the owners would be very sad. He has also been doing a lot of work around the house and yard without being asked. Max has shown kindness to his brother more this month than I have seen in awhile. He is always giving him hugs, telling him he did good at something and they have even been sleeping in the same bed together…which tells me they really do love each other
Laughs with friends is always important to refuel the soul. We had some friends over for a fun night of pizza and laughs. We also continue to get together with family on may occasions. The boys always seem to be with a friend. Positive people are so important to have in your life and to share moments with that will last a lifetime.
Memorial day weekend was a blast. We were able to get out of town and head to Rochester. We went out to dinner, played miniature golf, had water balloon fights with over 700 balloons, walked the peir at Ontario Lake, went shopping, cooked out with family, and watched the basketball playoffs under the stars.

New well pump…remember from above. Yes, it needed replaced this past month. It was completely unexpected. Well after going only 2 days without water, it was fixed. Fixing up an old home is no joke and you never know just when something is going to go. Even though there are set backs, unexpected costs, and aggravating situations…we are blessed to have a beautiful home and it’s for all our hard work that we have what we have.
Oh the fun we have had this past month and we are so looking forward to all the fun summer 2018 is going to bring.
Prom 2018 was another opportunity that I was able to join in on with my nephews this year. I was able to take a few photos and watch them enjoy a moment in time that will stick with them forever. It is on these days where we realize how fast time goes and one day I will be there taking photos of my own boys. I am so proud of all my nieces and nephews and the paths they have taken and are taking currently. My boys have some great cousins to look up to.

Quiet time is something that doesn’t come often but when it does, we take advantage of it. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who gives me time when I need it and I do the same for him. Hopefully we get more of these times this summer as time will be freed up…yeah right, we can dream though right?!?
Roman has been doing so great in school and is really applying himself in his studies. His attitude towards school has been so positive and he is showing pride in his work. This is such a relief to see. I just want him to know how smart, kind, and loving he is. If only he could see himself through my eyes. He is looking forward to football season and I can’t believe he is finishing up 4th grade. 

School is coming to an end. I have enjoyed being back in the classroom. The boys have so many fun things going on at their school and it is giving them the push to finish out the school year. We all know these last few weeks can be rough. We got this! As I type, we have 14 days to go.
Texas is calling our name. We are heading there for a week to visit friends in just a couple of weeks. Roman will be joining us and Max will have a week with Nana. I am excited to visit the big city of Houston and all that it has to offer.
Under the stars, laying in a tent. This is just one of the many activities the boys have come up with for our Summer Bucket List. It’s always fun to see what they come up with and it keeps us excited for all the upcoming weeks.
Visiting with Uncle Matt last weekend made us slow down and chill on the front porch. It is always nice to have visitors especially when we are able to slow down, enjoy the weather, and 'just be'. Of course the boys kept him busy with throwing the ball, playing video games, and talking his ear off.
Work, work, work…that’s what we have all been up to. Rick is hard at work in his office everyday and keeps an eye on the town out of his window. I am hard at work finishing out the school year in my 3rd grade class and the boys are hard at work on finishing up their 4th and Kindergarten year. And of course working on their basketball, football, baseball, and soccer skills.
MaX is leaving his kindergarten year a reader. He also loves math and amazes me with all the information he has. Writing is not his favorite but that is to be expected with boys. He is doing awesome in baseball and is looking forward to summer soccer.

Yard work is a weekly chore now that the nicer weather is here. We have done some more landscaping, and moving a ton of dirt as stated before. Roman loves helping out with mowing and it is also helpful that we have nephews who like to work for some extra cash.

Zooming into summer is our goal for the next month. We will work hard on our summer bucket list and add to our collection of memories.


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